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Aussie Otoscopes

Aussie Otoscopes supplies LED Fiberoptic Otoscopes and Dermatoscopes.

The LED light source offers many benefits which save the professional time, money and inconvenience.

The LED module in an otoscope from Aussie Otoscope provides a bright, white light similar to sunlight giving greater clarity in the ear canal. Fiberoptics further enhance visibilty distributing light more evenly.

Because there is no filament to break or burn out in the LED lightsource, you will never spend money again replacing a bulb!

The Aussie Otoscope LED lightsource requires very little energy to operate effectively which means standard batteries can be used. (rechargeable batteries work well too). This means you need never be without the use of your medical device while it re-charges.

The same benefits are available with our LED Dermatoscope.

With the advanced visibility provided by LED light, combined with years of performance with no costly bulbs to replace and our money back satisfaction guarentee, there is no reason not to add an Aussie Otoscope to your kit bag now.

Visit the website for the features of each of our three models ranging from slimline pocket to standard office model.

We also offer an Opthalmoscope that comes with a complete set of lens from -25 to +40 diopters.

Aussie Otoscope carries a lifetime guarentee against defects in workmanship. This lifetime guarentee also covers the lightsource.

We offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee as well which makes it easy to put our otoscope to the test.

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Aussie Otoscope provides quality LED Otoscopes & Dermatoscopes with cutting edge technology at a very affordable price.

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