Austin Health rests easy with solution from Peacock Bros

Supplier: Peacock Bros. By: Craig McKenzie - Marketing Manager Peacock Bros. Pty. Ltd
26 May, 2011

Austin Hospital is well known for its commitment in implementing the latest technologies to ensure the very best care is provided for all their patients.

Austin Hospital is well known for its commitment in implementing the latest technologies to ensure the very best care is provided for all their patients.

The hospital has created a Clinical Project Team called ROMe-O (Results, Orders, Medications Online), consisting of experienced clinical professionals including Clinical Lead Gary Martin. The team is responsible for configuring, testing and deploying a new clinical solution for the hospital.

An area of opportunity for improvement was identified within the operating suite in providing access to a computer terminal close to the patient location during an operation for the look-up of a patient’s record during an operation. 

Currently a standard computer located on the other side of the operating room is used requiring the Anaesthetists to leave the anaesthetised patient unattended every time patient record information was needed.

It was also essential that the solution would not impede on the efficient and strict procedures currently in place for operations.  Additionally the selection of a medical grade computer terminal with touch screen that could be kept clean and allow easy operation rather than a cumbersome keyboard was critical. 

The team researched available units and concluded that the Advantech POCS176s healthcare grade touch screen terminal with 17’ screen was the stand-out choice due to feedback from other hospitals that are using this device and the standard features included.

Peacock Bros. Healthcare Solutions Manager David Perry was contacted not only because Peacock Bros. is an authorised provider of Advantech products, but also due to his experience and expertise in providing complete solutions within the Healthcare industry.  This experience was called upon when the additional criteria for this solution were identified.

Information where you need it 

During an operation numerous specifically placed monitoring equipment is required, the addition of another computer could not detract from the space already required within the area around the patient. 

Peacock Bros. recommended the unit be mounted on the Ergotron HD Combo mounting system that allows the terminal to be mounted on a swing arm attached to the anaesthesia machine. 

This mounting system provided unique benefits to the solution including easy positioning near the patient and cleaning with hospital grade solvents.  It provides a full range of motion and can be folded away when not in use and the addition of a "Wetkeys" Antimicrobial sterile keyboard allowed for text typing as required. 

Further Peacock Bros. supplied Panasonic CF-C1 Toughbook  Tablet/Notebooks for times when the patient information is needed away from the operating room, such as radiology and cardiac catheter lab.

"Perfect for us" 

"The Peacock Bros. Advantech solution was perfect for us. All of the equipment was ready to go, Wi-Fi enabled and could be kept in a near-sterile environment. The final solution was integrated into our existing anaesthesia machines eliminating any obstructions during surgery," commented Gary.

Peacock Bros. provided a complete trial unit that was evaluated by all relevant staff members that would use the solution to ensure that every concern and standard was met and that the hospital’s clinical software would run reliably.

This system is now ready to be deployed to every operating room throughout the Austin and Repatriation Hospital Network.  Future considered expansions include adding barcode scanning of patient wrist bands for automated patient history recall and placing medical test orders giving real-time functionality.

Source: Peacock Bros. Pty. Ltd