Australia is ready to respond.

Supplier: Modsel
20 March, 2020

Unfortunately there are unwanted pressure points for all of mankind and sometimes the timing of capital purchasing decisions can be way out of our control…

Our investment into training, lean production flow, stock and a new rapid customisation facility, ensures you can depend on a fast and trustworthy delivery schedule.

Being a locally owned manufacturer serving Australia doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t compete on a global scale. And we do more than this! Our well tried and proven product designs are hand-built accurately to your own special order requirements and dispatched quickly, a long way in front of the months of waiting for the production and shipping of many imported product lines.

Our flexible production system allows for a health and safety crisis - urgent requests have been satisfied with dispatches of complete patient stretchers in as little as 2 days.

The advantage doesn’t stop here, and flows into aftersales service with our 24 hour dispatch guarantee, where every individual part is in stock all of the time. With expensive capital equipment investments, there should be almost no downtime for your facility or department caused by damaged or worn parts.      

Are you feeling under pressure now with urgent product requirements?

We can help you get safer and efficient sooner, with a trusted, long term partnership.