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AWS Clinical

Aws provide waste treatment system and technology solutions for quarantine and clinical waste generators to manage their risk and meet legislative requirements. We are the leaders in risk management and meeting legislative requirements for quarantine and clinical waste generators. Since 1989 around the world AWS Systems using internationally recognised World leading Technology treat biologically hazardous waste particularly clinical waste including that from hospitals, clinics and homes and quarantine waste including that from seaports and airports.

Aws installed it's first quarantine waste treatment system in 1989 and it's first clinical waste treatment system in 1995 successfully developing into today's provider of waste treatment systems nationally and internationally. AWS Technology enables generators of Quarantine Waste from international shipping and aviation and Clinical Waste from health facilities to manage their risk and meet legislative requirements. AWS technology includes, Intelligent electronic control, tracking and monitoring System, Automated material handling System, No emissions to atmosphere (NETA) System, Online and local Technical Support, Process verification with NATA certified testing and BI testing,
and Hazardous Waste Treatment.

AWS has also successfully established and operated Clinical and Quarantine Waste Treatment Facilities using its AWS Systems and Technology. We can therefore offer our Purchasers Consulting Service for establishing a Facility for an AWS System. The Service enables Purchasers to meet the Legislative and Local Government requirements for waste treatment and disposal. The Service can include odour control, waste water management and utilisation of waste energy. There is an AWS System to cost effectively deal with and meet your Clinical and Quarantine Waste Treatment requirements.

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