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Supplier: Modsel
03 May, 2021

Hi there! We are Modsel, your dedicated hospital equipment manufacturer that’s focused on offering exceptional products across all of Australia.

We’ve taken the time and care to develop our entire range to suit the system and world that you work in. We know just how important it is for healthcare professionals to have the right tools available to help care for patients that need them the most. With the right collection of products keeping us at the forefront of the industry, we can help to ensure nursing is made easier, so that you can feel supported when delivering quality patient care.

Our team of specialists work seamlessly together to deliver services across patient transport, procedure solutions and guaranteed support throughout the healthcare industry. We have seen our products support the smallest of clinics through to large-scale hospitals and we continue to back professionals across all medical fields. So how do we achieve this? Well, all our products are configured to suit any requirements or specific needs for department use. This means, you are in control and can customise all aspects of a product to make sure that everyone is happy, comfortable, and even excited about using the product. We have seen our range of rounds trolleys accomplish just this with the ability to add accessories to comply with its purpose. Whether you need to securely hold your important clinical documents or save space and time, we have got you covered. Our rounds trolleys are effective and simple when it comes to getting the job done!

  • Customise your I-move to support your unique IT requirements
  • Our I-move slim is an ultra-lightweight, compact, easy to move work surface.
  • Height adjustable rounds trolleys with secure locking drawers
  • Choose the I-move Chart to maximise your working space with effortless positioning

So, whether its different accessories you require or a fun and bright colour system to identify departments, our products can be tailored to suit exactly what you need by when you need it. So, if its high-quality products that are customisable by design and manufactured right here in Australia, then look no further for we create…

“Trusted healthcare products, made for trusted healthcare professionals”