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Bed | VersaCare®

Supplier: Hill-Rom Australia

Did you know over one million patients fall in acute care settings each year? That's an estimated $6 billion in cost to the health care system. The Hill-Rom® No Falls Program, supported by the VersaCare® bed, helped Candler Hospital reduce their falls rate by 70 per cent.

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Safest design for helping you get patients in and out of bed

  • Firm perimeter
  • Easy grip handles
  • Stand Assist

Unparalleled patient security and comfort         

  • LowChair® position
  • Brake not set alarm
  • Patient pendant
  • Tempur-Pedic® mattress (optional)
  • Nightlights

Superior in falls alerting and communication technology

  • Advanced three-mode bed exit (PPM)
  • Automatic monitoring of unsafe bed conditions
  • Customisable alerts and reminders
  • SafeView™ footend light alerts

Best in class

When combining the VersaCare® Bed with NaviCare  Patient Safety, you can connect at the bedside, to the patient and directly to the caregiver. Only Hill-Rom makes it easy for caregivers to be better informed at the point of care.

Ease of Use

  • Spend less time operating the bed and more time caring for your patients.
  • All caregiver controls are in one central location, keeping you by your patient's side, at the point of care.
  • Controls are easy to read and understand.

Best In Class Safe Skin™ Program

Choose a partner with decades of research and development, data and clinical experience to help you reduce your pressure ulcer prevalence. Excellence in testing from the leader in the industry.

  • Largest research and development team of any therapy provider
  • First to develop an early test method for measuring shear
  • First to lead the industry in the use of advanced thermal test equipment to accurately measure a surface's ability to withdraw excess heat and moisture

Wound prevalence: 1.3 million patients and more than 700 facilities surveyed

Hill-Rom is the leader in National Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Surveys — providing benchmarking information, compliance tracking and protocol development to help you reach your quality care goals.

Choose the right mattress for your VersaCare® bed.

VersaCare A.I.R.® System

  • Powered surface that works with the intelligence of the bed to accommodate patient's weight and position
  • Three independent zones of continuous low pressure to reduce peak pressures that cause and aggravate skin ulcers
  • Specifically designed "low pressure" heel zone
  • Turn Assist feature
  • Clinical indications: early prevention/treatment of Stage I, II and uncomplicated Stage III/IV in patients with multiple turning surfaces
  • Accommodates weight up to 500 lbs

Tempur-Pedic® Mattress

  • Reduces the risk of pressure ulcers by utilizing clinically proven
  • non-powered Tempur-Pedic material
  • Helps reduce chronic pain with unique four-layer design and special heel zone
  • Makes the patient more comfortable and relaxed within the hospital atmosphere
  • Clinical indications: prevention and treatment of Stage I, II
  • Accommodates weight up to 500 lbs

AccuMax Quantum™ VPC/IS

  • Non-powered, Controlled Release™ Technology
  • Four anatomically-inspired pressure redistribution zones
  • No blower box, pump or power required
  • Clinical indications: treatment of Stage I and II, uncomplicated IIIs and IVs for patients with multiple turning surfaces
  • Accommodates weight up to 500 lbs

NP200 Wound Surface

  • Stimulite™ Honeycomb technology with "memory" that buckles to provide non-powered self-adjusting pressure redistribution properties
  • Light surface weight of only 24-26 lbs
  • No parts to manage, inventory or maintain
  • Maintenance free
  • No blower box, pump or power required
  • Clinical indications: treatment of Stage I and II, uncomplicated IIIs and IVs for patients with multiple turning surfaces; NP200 also has a special soft and retractable heel section
  • Accommodates weight up to 500 lbs

NP100 Prevention Surface

  • Non-powered, zoned foam sections allow for improved pressure redistribution points
  • RF welded seams to prevent fluid ingress
  • Clinical indications: prevention
  • Accommodates weight up to 350 lbs

Technical Specification

Bed height

  • Low position – floor to center of deck: 13" (33 cm)*
  • Low position – floor to edge of deck: 17" (43.2 cm)*
  • High position – floor to center of deck: 30" (76.2 cm)*
  • High position – floor to edge of deck: 34" (86.4 cm)*
  • *Optional IntelliDrive® power transport adds 4" (10.2 cm) height to all dimensions
  • Maintains low height when placed in chair: Yes
  • Headboard/push handles maintain same height regardless of patient surface height: Yes

Sleep surface

  • Width: 35.5" (90.2 cm)
  • Length, fully extended: 86" (218.0 cm)
  • Length, fully retracted: 75" (191.0 cm)
  • Radiolucent sleep deck: No

Overall width

  • Siderails stowed: 37" (94.0 cm)
  • Siderails up: 40" (102.0 cm)

Overall length

  • Fully extended: 94.5" (240.0 cm)
  • Fully retracted: 82.5" (210.0 cm)

Bed angles

  • Head section: 0°-65°
  • Knee gatch: 0°-16°
  • Foot section: 0°-27°
  • Max Trend/reverse Trend: 15° / 10°
  • Head and Trend angle indicators: Yes

Caster and braking system

  • Optional IntelliDrive® power transport: Yes
  • Caster diameter: 5" (12.7 cm)
    • with IntelliDrive® power transport: 6" (15.2 cm)
  • Four-wheel braking: Yes
  • Brakes lock both rolling and swiveling: Yes

Optional light alerts

  • Feature indicators: Low low bed/chair, siderails down, brake not set, bed exit not armed
  • Optional bed exit alarm system
  • Sensitivity levels: 3
  • Modes: Positioning, Exiting, Out-of-Bed

Optional scale system

  • Accuracy: 1 per cent of patient weight
  • Weigh in any position (except Trend/Rev Trend) :. Yes
  • Scale weight capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)

Patient controls

  • Siderail patient bed controls: Standard
  • Docking pendant: Optional
  • SideCom® patient communication controls
  • (Nurse call, universal TV/radio, and lighting): Optional

Electrical characteristics

  • Backup battery power: Standard
  • Safety listings: UL2601 & IBC 60601-1

*Please Note:  These products are NOT available for Private Sale

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