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BOC Ltd is a member of the Linde Group and Australia’s largest provider of Medical Gases.

With two distinct customer groups, Institutions and Private Patients, BOC Ltd has a service tailored to each groups' needs.

For the Institutions, ranging from large hospitals through to the local Doctors Surgery, BOC Ltd ensures that these customers have a sufficient and reliable supply of high grade quality Medical Gases and related equipment. For home patients we ensure that our patients have the equipment and gases they need and are adequately trained and comfortable with their use.

Why use BOC Ltd?

Our experience enables us to efficiently transfer global knowledge and worldwide applications technology to suit your requirements.

The benefits include:

1. High quality Safe Products providing peace of mind to all
2. Provision of Patient Education ensuring maximum benefit from the Therapies provided
3. Access to a complete range of gases, equipment and safety products
4. Access to new technologies in medical equipment
5. Cost-effective, national geographical delivery and supply options
6. Skilled team
7. Dedicated national customer service centre.

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BOC Ltd is a member of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company with more than 53,000 employees working in around 70 countries worldwide.

The BOC Group and Linde merged in 2006. In Australia, BOC will continue to operate and trade under the brand "BOC".

For more than a century, BOC’s gases and expertise have contributed to advances in many industries and aspects of everyday life, including healthcare.

For almost 20 years BOC Homecare has been providing Home Oxygen to our customers. In 2005 we commenced providing CPAP services and with a growing network or Sleep Care Centres in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, we are expanding our services via the Sleepcare brand.

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