Breakfast with a friend could be just what the doctor ordered

27 June, 2011

Spending too much time alone and regularly skipping breakfast might be pushing you closer to heart disease, warns the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

In Week Five of the Go Red for Women Healthy Heart Challenge the Heart Foundation is encouraging women to regularly take time to do things they enjoy with family and friends and not to skip breakfast.

The Healthy Heart Challenge aims to encourage women to be proactive about developing a healthier lifestyle to help beat heart disease the number one killer of Australian women.

The free 10 week Challenge shows women that small, realistic steps can make significant changes, which if adopted permanently, will make a big difference to their heart health, said Thirlwell, CEO Heart Foundation NSW.

There is enough evidence to show that being isolated or depressed and regularly skipping breakfast could increase your risk of heart disease, so encouraging women of all ages to get together with friends, family or colleagues over breakfast might just be what the doctor ordered.

Of course, we would also love to see you make healthier breakfast choices too. Skinny milk in your tea and coffee; poached eggs rather than scrambled or fried; wholegrain toast and with margarine rather than butter; and pass on the bacon and try roast tomatoes instead, said Thirlwell.

Recent research part-funded by the Heart Foundation showed that people who skipped breakfast as adults and as children had an average waist measurement almost 5cm larger, higher insulin levels and higher cholesterol levels than those who ate breakfast each of these being risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

We also know that being depressed and socially isolated in the community is an independent risk factor for heart disease, so it s timely to remind people about the importance of regular contact with family, friends and even the people at your local shops, said Thirlwell.

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Source: Heart Foundation