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Breath Test Analyser | Infrared Spectroscopy 13C - FANci2

Supplier: Medical Diagnostics Australasia

The FANci2, the Fischer ANalysen Instrumente GmbH is an analyser system for determining 12/13CO2 in breath samples using Nondispersive Infrared Spectroscopy.

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The instrument has a wide field of application for all investigations where 13C tracers are broken down in the body and expelled by respiration. It is a practical alternative to expensive mass spectroscopy methods.
Features of the system include:

  • Compact.
  • Simple to operate - uses a windows based system
  • Small sample volume
  • High performance and high accuracy
  • Built in internal checks of system status (calibrations, system checks) resulting in low servicing requirements and no need for purchasing expensive calibration gases.
  • Optional FANas autosampler available to enable analysis of samples collected in Exetainer® as well as Vacutainer® collection tubes as with mass spectrometry.

The system can be connected to all PCs and notebooks with windows 98TM or higher, and all current interfaces are supported.

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