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Top Autoclave & Steriliser Suppliers

Hatmed Autoclaves | B Class Sterilization
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These rockets can process a B Class Sterilisation Cycle in 11 Minutes! Innovative rectangular chamber with 57% more capacity compared to around chamber with the same cross-sectional area. Ideal for Dental and Specialist Clinics.
Zone Medical
Yatala, QLD
1300 009 6..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 2005
Employees: 6-20
Customers: AMA, Team Medical, EBOS, Warner & Webster
Midmark B Class Autoclave/Steriliser
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Midmark’s new B Class sterilisers have accelerated cycle times with reduced energy and water consumption – saving you time and money. Designed and built in Italy with integrated printer and data logger as standard.
Keilor Park, VIC
1300 442 6..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 2013
Employees: 21-50
Customers: Dental Health Services Vic, Link Community Health
For small business, easy to set up
Runyes Autoclaves | 8L B&S Class
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We bridge the gap between affordability and reliability.
Medical Equipment Services
Keilor Park, VIC
03 9331 67..
Distribution: Australia and New Zealand
Established: 1952
Employees: 6-20
Memberships: Australian Dental Association
Certifications: All products TGA Registered
Customers: WA Health, Mercy Health, Vet Partners
Cominox Autoclaves - B Class
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The Cominox B Class consists of two great options: Speedyclave & Sterilclave. Cominox B Class will process almost any type of load for you including complex hollow loads.
Emech Medical
Gordon, Sydney, NSW 2072, NSW
1800 043 3..
Distribution: Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Only
Established: 1996
Hatmed 5L Fast Autoclave – Atom Series Autoclave
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The new generation fast B-class autoclave
Majac Medical Products
Boondall , QLD
1300 138 5..
Mocom S Classic 22L Autoclave
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Reliable and safe - Mocom S Classic Autoclave.
General Vet Products
Fairy Meadow, NSW
1300 838 4..
Distribution: Australia
Established: 2005
Employees: 6-20
Mocom Supreme Steriliser Autoclave
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The Supreme is a B Class Steriliser that uses Tap Water & recycles it. Can perform 50 Sterilisation Cycles with just 5 Litres of Tap Water.
Mocom Australia
Malaga, WA
08 9244 46..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand Only
Established: 1993
Employees: 6-20
Memberships: Australian Dental Industry Association
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO13485, 9342EEC, TGA, CE, EN13060:2004
Customers: Dental Health Services WA, BUPA
Lafomed Autoclave Steam Steriliser | Premium Class B
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For expert technical knowledge on selecting the right autoclave call NES Group Medical on 1300 651 958 or visit
NES Group Medical
Camden, NSW
1300 651 9..
Distribution: Australia & NZ
Established: 2010
Employees: 6-20
Customers: NSW Health, QLD Health, VIC Health
ProMedCo 22L Class B&S Autoclave, steam steriliser
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Chipping Norton, NSW
(02) 9734 06..
Established: 2017
Employees: 6-20
Memberships: ADIA
Certifications: TGA
Steam Sterilisers | Tangent Mongoose
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The Tangent Mongoose is the perfect choice for applications where big is not better, where full capability is required but tough enough to fire up year after year.
Alphington, VIC
1300 580 8..
Distribution: Australia and New Zealand
Established: 1889
Employees: 51-200
Memberships: SRACA, FSRACA, IHEA
Certifications: ISO9001
Customers: Calvary Health Care, Ramsay Health Care, Most major public hospitals,
For smaller volume sterilization
Tomy Toploading Autoclaves
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The Tomy range of Toploading Autoclaves require no drainage connection, are mobile and can be run from standard 240V 50Hz power supply.
Tullamarine, VIC
1800 00 84 53 or +61 3 9355 39..
Distribution: Australia / New Zealand only
Autoclave & Steriliser Description

Find and buy Autoclaves & Sterilisers from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. An autoclave is used to disinfect anything that needs to be free of microorganisms

Here are the key factors to consider when shopping for an autoclave or steriliser:

  • What you’re sterilizing - Several types of media can be sterilized including; glassware, liquid products, heat-sensitive media, metal, plastic, unwrapped goods, waste, utensils, and many more. Different types of materials require different cycles for proper sterilization. Depending on the type of media you want to sterilize, you can choose either; a pre-vac or gravity autoclave.
  • Autoclave Size and Configuration - This will typically depend on the amount of space you have and your load’s size and quantity. Common sterilizer configurations are; vertical sterilizers, which open from the top and horizontal sterilizers that open from the front. Depending on the available space, you can choose either a benchtop autoclave, which is more compact or a floor-standing sterilizer.
  • Chamber Volume - This depends on the quantity of load you want to sterilize.
    • Capacities of less than 60 litres - These are small-sized steam sterilizers and are categorized in three different classes:
      • Class B - Suitable for sterilizing medical equipment.
      • Class N - Great for unpackaged devices.
      • Class S - For hollow and unwrapped solids.
    • Volumes of over 60 litres - These are large, high-capacity chambers that can accommodate greater quantities of media at a time.
  • Safety and convenience features - Including Automatic safety shutoff, door failure protection, pressure-activated lock and heat insulation.

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Autoclave & Steriliser Insights

Find 11 Autoclaves & Sterilisers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Melbourne, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Sydney for sale on MedicalSearch Australia.

The cost of listed Autoclaves & Sterilisers ranges between $5,899 and $8,249, averaging at $7,049.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Autoclaves & Sterilisers on MedicalSearch are ICONA, Medical Equipment Services, Emech Medical, Zone Medical, Majac Medical Products, General Vet Products, Mocom Australia, NES Group Medical, PROMEDCO PTY LTD, Atherton, Bio-Strategy.