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Bariatric Chair & Couch - Compare & Buy

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<p>Find and buy bariatric chairs and couches from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A bariatric chair or couch is designed to accommodate patients who are more than 130kg.</p><p>Factors to consider when buying a bariatric chair or couch:</p><ul><li><strong>Weight capacity</strong> &ndash; Should be at least 340kg for use in healthcare settings. Clarify if the listed capacity refers to an active load or static load.</li><li><strong>Seat and armrest design</strong> &ndash; Choose a shallow seat to avoid sinking into the chair. Armrest must be able to support the weight of the user when getting up from the chair.</li><li><strong>Patient size and population</strong> &ndash; Consider the average patient population that visits the health facility each day. For home use, get the chest, waist, abdomen and leg measurements of the user to ensure that the chair fits.</li><li><strong>Accessibility</strong> &ndash; Should allow users to easily get on and off the chair.</li><li><strong>Physical ability of the patient</strong> &ndash; Patients with physical incapacity due to excess weight and inactivity require a raiser or lift chair.</li><li><strong>Adjustability</strong> &ndash; Should have adjustable height and backrest, especially for bariatric examination, procedure and transport chairs.</li><li><strong>Pressure management</strong> &ndash; Consider models with pressure control to prevent pressure ulcers.</li><li><strong>Reclining capability</strong> &ndash; Ensures even distribution of weight on the back.</li><li><strong>Other features to consider </strong>&ndash; Knowledge of the caregiver, strength and durability, wheel size, speed and power, maneuverability, brake, battery life</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on bariatric chairs and couches Delivery available Australia wide.</p>