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CAS Scales Australia | Weighing equipment
CAS Scales Australia specialises in a wide range of quality weighing equipment, supplying weighing solutions to satisfy demanding clients' needs in Retail, Laboratory and Industrial environments. We can provide you and your business with reliable, affordable and quality products that are specially selected to complement our growing Australian Market.

Scales Buying Guide

Find and buy scales from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A scale is used to measure a patient’s weight.

Factors to consider when buying a scale:

  • Types based on technology – Choose the one best suited for the intended use
    • Analog – Conventional scale with dial mode measurement, with a possible error of 0.5 kilograms.
    • Digital – The most popular in healthcare settings. Features sensor technology for automatic on-off function.
    • Bluetooth-enabled – The latest type of scales, with smart features for tracking weight measurements and sending it to the doctors via a mobile app.
  • Weight capacity – Determine the correct capacity needed for the intended application. Get the heaviest amount to be weighed and add around 40% of extra capacity.
  • Weight measurements options – Some models can be easily switched to different weight measurement units such as kilograms, pounds and stones.
  • Readability – Refers to how the weight readings are displayed. A 0.001 pound readability means the scale display weight up to three places after the decimal point or 1/1000th of a pound.
  • Calibration – Very important for analytical and precision balances. Calibration can either be manual, semi-manual or automatic.
  • Connectivity – In some models, weight measurements can be printed or exported to a PC.
  • Other features to consider – pan size, divisions, compliance with international standards, battery operation, BMI calculation function, EMR connectivity and optional mains power adaptor.


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