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<p>Find and buy defibrillators from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A defibrillator is a crucial first aid tool and a key element of the Chain of Survival that can significantly increase survival rate in a sudden cardiac arrest.</p><p>Things to consider when buying a defibrillator:</p><ul><li><strong>Ease of use</strong> - This is probably one of the main factors to consider before you buy a defibrillator. You should look for a defibrillator that is intuitive and simple to use with clear instructions. Also check out for features such as the front layout, visual and verbal prompts and activation of pediatric mode.</li><li><strong>The set up process</strong> - A defibrillator should be ready to perform at all times. So to ensure you don&rsquo;t face any challenges when performing CPR in an emergency, choose a portable and lightweight defibrillator, which is pretty easy to set up.</li><li><strong>Battery life</strong> - The lifespan of the main battery diminishes with every shock. Hence, look for a longer-life battery to keep it ready for use. You can also look for a defibrillator with two or more year&rsquo;s battery life to ensure it offers optimal value. If you anticipate a higher rate of use, you can choose one with rechargeable batteries.</li><li><strong>Warranty </strong>- A defibrillator is a huge investment so you should ensure it comes with a warranty in case of any damage. The longer the warranty, the more reliable it is likely to be.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on defibrillators. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>