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Top Equipment Cart Suppliers

Aurion Aurion CP/PED Paediatric Cart
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Our paediatric concept with drawers of different colours to provide immediate identification of drugs dosage according to the infant weight / age.
Supplier: Midmed
07 3348 91..
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Customers: Hospitals, Pharmacies, Ambulance, Police, Military, Aged Care, Corrections
TRIBUTE Paediatric Cart
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The TRIBUTE Paediatric Cart is designed to accommodate the Broselow System. TRIBUTE Carts offer an attractive, practical and durable solution with multiple configurations to enable efficient organisation.
Supplier: Access Health
1300 659 54..
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Customers: Fiona Stanley Hospital, Monash Hospital,QLD Health
Optional Folding Side Shelf for Medication/Equipment Carts
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Optional Folding Side Shelf to suit Medication Cart / Webster Cart.
Supplier: Advance Trolleys
1800 802 2..
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Customers: NSW Health, Alsco, Spotless, Bupa Care
Emery Industries SP398.91 – CSD Case Cart
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Item: CSD Case Cart Trolley Dimensions: (1150 x 550 x 845)
Supplier: Emery Industries
1300 618 1..
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Customers: Dept of Health, Ramsay, Healthscope
Feculence Cart
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Features a durable blue liner for linen, wastes, etc
Supplier: JB Medical Equipment Pty Ltd
1300 788 1..
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General Purpose Equipment Trolleys
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Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 91cm high
Supplier: Apscan
02 9516 44..
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Ergotron Medical Cart | StyleView® S-Tablet Cart, SV10
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The nimble SV10 effortlessly moves to the point of need, accommodating a Surface tablet with an innovative interface that holds and positions the screen where you want it.
Supplier: Ergotron
0403 986 4..
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Rubbermaid Xtra Durable Equipment Cart
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Durable and attractive carts function in front and back of house applications.
Supplier: Spacepac Industries
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Customers: Age Care, Healthcare, Medical Center, Hospitals
Chattanooga Intelect Therapy System Cart
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Chattanooga Intelect Therapy System Cart is designed with functionality in mind, it provides from four to six bins for storage (depending upon whether or not vacuum option is added).
Supplier: Everfit Healthcare
1800 908 9..
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Customers: Healthcare, Fitness, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic
Docking Cart | MobiDoc
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MobiDoc is a modular system which can be customised to hospital-specific requirements through the use of multifunctional accessories and special fittings. MobiDoc can be retrofitted at any time to adapt to changes in contingency plans.
Supplier: Hospital Products Australia
1300 472 8..
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