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Top Laundry Bag Suppliers

Laundry Bag & Sack Handling Made Easy
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Specially designed for handling of loose loaded sacks
Supplier: Materials Handling
1300 650 0..
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Hospital Nylon Laundry Bags
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The laundry bag is used for supplying clean linen to or collecting soiled linen from client facilities.
Supplier: Sexton Textiles
07 3265 99..
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Customers: Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities
Biodegradable Water-Soluble Laundry Bags | BagCo
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BagCo Water-Soluble Laundry Bags are specifically made for hospital and healthcare industry operators, these bags are made from water-soluble PVA film, which is a green environmental friendly material and it is 100% biodegradable.
Supplier: BagCo Pty Ltd
03 9464 34..
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Laundry Bags
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Standard rip stock laundry bags in various colours
Supplier: Trugrade Medical Supplies
(08) 9455 78..
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Laundry Bags for Aged Care
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Laundry Bags for Aged Care, waterproof and non waterproof, available in blue, red, yellow and white, 60cm deep.
Supplier: New Age Healthcare
03 9462 16..
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Newfound | Cordless Laundry Bags
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Available in 10 different colours. Easily close the webbing with an SR19 clip, to create maintenance-free, hygienic closing, ideal for transporting soiled linen.
Supplier: Newfound Distributors
07 3821 23..
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Heavy Duty Polyester Laundry Bags | Confident Care
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Heavy duty polyester laundry bags are available from Confident Care Products.
Supplier: Confident Care Products
02 9605 57..
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GOG Water-Soluble Laundry Bags (fully biodegradable)
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Dissolves at different temperatures
Avoid infections with dissolvable and compostable laundry bags that will DISSOLVE in the washing machine process helping your business and it´s customers reduce plastic waste and keep your people safe!
Supplier: Green Ocean Group
0490 806 9..
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Laundry Bag Slings | Min. order of 50
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Laundry Bag Slings
Price Guide: $10
Supplier: Clets Linen & Co
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Laundry Bag Insights

Find 9 Laundry Bags in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney for sale on MedicalSearch Australia.

The cost of listed Laundry Bags is approximately $10.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Laundry Bags on MedicalSearch are Materials Handling, BagCo Pty Ltd, Sexton Textiles.