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Lift Chairs - Compare & Buy

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<p>Find and buy lift chairs from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. Lift chairs are specially designed chairs for those who face difficulties getting in and out of a normal chair or sofa.</p><p>Things to consider when buying a lift chair include:</p><ul><li><strong>Reclining Features</strong> - Lift chairs come in three different reclining positions.<ul><li><strong>2-Position model</strong>, which reclines up to 45 degrees and has an elevating ottoman.</li><li><strong>3-Position model</strong>, which offers multiple reclining positions plus an elevating ottoman.</li><li><strong>Infinite Position</strong> that offers a full-reclining position and an elevating ottoman for superior comfort.</li></ul></li><li><strong>Chair Size</strong> - Lift chairs are available in a vast range of sizes including petite, medium, large, tall, wide, extra-large, heavy duty and XXL. The weight limit can range between 170kgs to 315kgs depending on the chair model. For optimal comfort, be sure to consider the user&rsquo;s height and weight.</li><li><strong>Chair Placement</strong> - Lift chairs are designed to activate, requiring more space. As such, if you&rsquo;re working with a limited space, opt for a space-saver or wall-hugger that operates up to 6 inches from the wall.</li><li><strong>Material Choice </strong>-&nbsp;Lift chairs are upholstered in a range of materials and colours. However, the two commonly used materials are leather and fabric. For ease of cleaning, opt for a leather material and if you sweat a lot, fabric may be the best choice. For the colour, choose one that complements your decor.</li><li><strong>Comfort Features </strong>- For optimal comfort and convenience, choose a chair with a few extra features including massage controls, cup holders, heated seats, and lift speed variations.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on Lift Chairs. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>