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Non-Contact Thermometer - Compare & Buy

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<p>Find and buy non-contact thermometers from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A non-contact thermometer is used to measure temperature from a distance.</p><p>Factors to consider when buying a non-contact thermometer:</p><ul><li><strong>Accuracy</strong> &ndash; This is the most important consideration. Check trusted or branded models.</li><li><strong>Temperature range</strong> &ndash; Usually between 35&deg;C and 42&deg;C.</li><li><strong>Effective distance </strong>&ndash; Check the distance between the unit and the patient that will provide accurate temperate reading, usually between 5 and 8 cm.</li><li><strong>Response time or read speed</strong> &ndash; The amount of time it takes the thermometer to deliver the result reading after initiating the reading process.</li><li><strong>Display resolution and display hold time </strong>&ndash; Backlit screens are easier to read. Hold time refers to the time the temperature reading will remain on the screen.</li><li><strong>Battery life</strong> &ndash; Usually around one year of 6,000 readings.</li><li><strong>Memory recall</strong> &ndash; Some models can store up to 50 readings. This is important when a patient temperature needs to be monitored regularly for comparison purposes.</li><li><strong>Other features to consider </strong>&ndash; Compensation for ambient temperature, automatic calibration, units of measurement, measuring modes, reliability of the sensor, alarm function for high and low-temperature limits, automatic shutoff, sound indicator, emissivity, accessories such as a thermocouple probe, compliance with international standards .</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on non-contact thermometers. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>