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<p>Find and buy scales from verified suppliers on MedicalSearch. A scale is used to measure a patient&rsquo;s weight.</p><p>Factors to consider when buying a scale:</p><ul><li><strong>Types based on technology </strong>&ndash; Choose the one best suited for the intended use<ul><li><strong>Analog</strong> &ndash; Conventional scale with dial mode measurement, with a possible error of 0.5 kilograms.</li><li><strong>Digital</strong> &ndash; The most popular in healthcare settings. Features sensor technology for automatic on-off function.</li><li><strong>Bluetooth-enabled</strong> &ndash; The latest type of scales, with smart features for tracking weight measurements and sending it to the doctors via a mobile app.</li></ul></li><li><strong>Weight capacity</strong> &ndash; Determine the correct capacity needed for the intended application. Get the heaviest amount to be weighed and add around 40% of extra capacity.</li><li><strong>Weight measurements options</strong> &ndash; Some models can be easily switched to different weight measurement units such as kilograms, pounds and stones.</li><li><strong>Readability</strong> &ndash; Refers to how the weight readings are displayed. A 0.001 pound readability means the scale display weight up to three places after the decimal point or 1/1000th of a pound.</li><li><strong>Calibration</strong> &ndash; Very important for analytical and precision balances. Calibration can either be manual, semi-manual or automatic.</li><li><strong>Connectivity</strong> &ndash; In some models, weight measurements can be printed or exported to a PC.</li><li><strong>Other features to consider</strong> &ndash; pan size, divisions, compliance with international standards, battery operation, BMI calculation function, EMR connectivity and optional mains power adaptor.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Contact our vendors for a free quote or expert advice on scales. Delivery available Australia wide.</p>