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C & C Cleaner

Supplier: Jasol Australia / George Weston Foods

Apart from Cloudy Ammonia, C&C CLEANER was one of the original Ammoniated Cleaners. C&C CLEANER has been used by three generations of Australian housewives.

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C & C Cleaner

The Original All Purpose Ammoniated Cleaner

- Biodegradable - Super Concentrated
- Economical - Dilutes to 400:1
- Suitable for all Hard Surfaces - Phosphate Free
- Easy to Handle - Pleasant Pine Fragrance

C&C CLEANER is biodegradable and based on natural renewable resources being soap and pine
oil. It also contains ammonia for extra grease cutting power.
C&C CLEANER can be used in most rooms of the house:
Kitchen: washing the lino, vinyl or tile floor, cleaning the stove, fridge and other chromed items.
Toilet : cleaning bowl and cistern; as a deodorant in the pan - turns distinctive white; washing
Bathroom: washing floor, walls; cleaning baths, basins, chrome and plastic ware.
Laundry: cleaning floor and washing machine; as a spotter (rubbed into spot before addiing clothes
to wash); in the machine to boost power of powdered and liquid detergents; as a prewash soaker;
in the wash as a deodoriser.
Bedroom/Living Areas/Garage: quickly removes greasy finger marks around light switches, door
handles; removes greases, smoke stains from the vinyl interior of cars; a good engine degreaser;
after rinsing in mineral turps, wash used paint brushes in concentrated cleaner; washing of hands
after painting or when hands are very greasy.

For enamel, paint, tiles, porcelain and metal fittings, apply C&C CLEANER on a damp cloth, then
For floors, add one cup of C&C CLEANER to a bucket of hot water.
For heavily soiled overalls, sickroom linen, blankets, etc, soak in a solution of a cup of C&C
CLEANER in 10 litre of hot water.

C&C CLEANER is NOT classified as hazardous according to the criteria of ASCC.
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for First Aid procedures before using this
product. To prevent microbial contamination, close containers immediately after use and do not
add or insert any foreign materials or objects.
All Jasol products, including C&C CLEANER, are inherently biodegradable.

5L, 25L, 200L