Cabrini Hospital - Case Study

Supplier: InterfaceFLOR
19 December, 2011

Cabrini Health needed a flooring solution to assist in the design of an engaging and child-friendly space but also to comply with all of the technical and performance requirements of a healthcare facility.

  • Project: Cabrini Hospital Children’s Centre
  • Assignment: To provide a flooring solution that assist in the creation of engaging, playful, child friendly environment for the Children’s Centre; whilst ensuring technical performance.
  • Designer: Health Science Planning Consultants (HSPC)
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Products: The Loop – custom colourway and Solid Foundation – various colourways.

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With six sites and over 600 beds, Cabrini Health comprises two acute care hospitals, a palliative care service and a residential care facility.

In 2004 Cabrini Health commissioned Health Science Planning Consultants with the task of designing their new Children’s centre. The challenge was designing a space that was engaging and ‘child-friendly’ but also comply with all the technical and performance requirements of a healthcare facility.

Using the theme of the familiar streetscape, the Cabrini Hospital Children’s Centre is designed to reduce the stresses children experience with hospital visits. The clever use of shapes and bright colours from InterfaceFLOR’s Solid Foundation range supports the rest of the design elements, creating and engaging environment for the kids to play and explore the features of the Centre which include a Melbourne tram, murals, pedestrian crossings, as well as plenty of toys, books, games and even a planetarium.

Apart from assisting in creating interesting features in the flooring design, InterfaceFLOR’s products also offered the superior technical performance required for the facility – low wheel resistance, slip hazard reduction, antimicrobial protection as well as easy maintenance.

The end result was a relaxed and fun design incorporating a flooring solution that assisted Health Science Planning Consultants in meeting both design and serviceability objectives.

The Cabrini Hospital Children’s Centre opened its doors in November 2005. A recent visit to the site revealed that the carpet was performing really well after more than two years of operation. There was very little evidence of wear or staining that you would normally find in an installation that uses lots of solid coloured carpet.