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CariFree - A new way to treat dental caries

Supplier: Essology
04 April, 2012

There is a global recognition that dental caries is a bacterial infection or imbalance; and that new measures beyond the traditional model of care, "drilling and filling", is required to fully address this complex multi-factorial disease.

New advances such as CariFree and CaMBRA, Caries Management By Risk Assessment, provide dental professionals with improved diagnostic and treatment pathways.

The systematic approach of patient dental care can be simply implemented offering improved predictability and treatment outcomes.

CariFree: -  Testimonials from Dentists:

The CariFree System is such an integral part of our practice now that I would honestly feel lost without it. The system allows me to be true to our principles of "minimal intervention" which I thought I was doing with Air Abrasion and CEREC. I don’t feel like I am shooting a shot gun in the dark as I was before. This has helped many of my patients avoid the ongoing cost (tooth loss and financial) associated with this disease. They love and understand the concepts. I’ve invested in this for my patients benefit. That I get remunerated is a bonus! - Dr. Kevin Tims, Tauranga, New Zealand

"Biofilm screen protocol is now an integral step in our Smilecare regime. We screen all new patients as part of the new patient exam and anyone whose circumstances change toward greater risk of caries. This gives the opportunity to explain that dentistry has finally got a "pathology test" for the germs that cause tooth decay. People relate to this. Its better to diagnose caries risk BEFORE the damage occurs! No one likes buying fillings. Most people, especially parents, would prefer to spend good money on prevention. The CariFree system promotes health maintenance, in a way that people understand and respond to" - Dr. David Stephenson, Queensland, Australia

"I have been using the CariFree system since 2006. After many years of trying to implement caries prevention strategies in my practice it is refreshing to have a system that has all the tools required right out of the box. The CariScreen is simple to operate and the protocols are simple to follow. I have even handed over the implementation and follow-ups to my hygienist so that absolutely zero clinical time of mine is required.

" This means the revenue generated from the tests and the products add substantially to the bottom line of the practice. We screen all new patients and re-screen all patients at recall annually and I have found that patients not only accept the additional test they are truly grateful that we are doing something that will ultimately lead to them seeing us less often. I would certainly recommend CariFree to any one who is serious about trying to prevent caries in their practice or peace of mind to help protect expensive reconstructions." - Dr. Andrew Ziepe, Perth, Australia

"I have been using CariFree since its inception. It is the first time I have had a “systematic” approach to caries diagnosis and management and it has simplified how I treat caries in my patients. The results have been great and the most rewarding aspect has been the positive feedback from my patients, because they are now successfully managing their disease, often for the first time in their lives." - Dr. Graeme Milicich, Hamilton, New Zealand

"We have been using the CariFree system in our practice since April '06 and have been very pleased. We run a practice based on minimal intervention techniques and the CariFree system is an essential component of this. Long term treatment planning is a lot easier knowing which of our patients are at high risk for caries.

We have had excellent patient acceptance, they are most impressed with the latest technological advances in caries detection and our new treatment protocol. Overall results have been good with high patient compliance." -
Dr.’s Neil Johnson & Isobel Greensmith, Whangarei, New Zealand

"I know that there are better ways of doing dentistry rather than the old mundane way of doing drill and fill. The standard of care is to prevent problems rather than just fixing them, this is important to me. I see a lot of disease in children and young adults especially those aging from 5-25, so I know that I needed a more effective way that offers certainty for my patients. Drilling and filling isn’t a permanent solution, it just postpones the problem if the disease is not treated as well." - Dr. Howe Chuang, Melbourne, Australia

"The resultant changes in life-style and the changes in oral and plaque pH were instrumental in the success. The CariFree system was a vital and integral element in the success." - Dr. Robert B Gibbins, Queensland, Australia

For the last century the dental profession has been focusing on restoring teeth as a treatment for dental caries. Science has proven this approach to be flawed and it is time to stop treating the symptoms of the disease and start treating the disease itself. As an educator I have been involved in various peer reviews and have lectured widely on the subject of CAMBRA, "Caries Management by Risk Assessment". When speaking to dentists and their staff, they would often highlight that the implementation process has been difficult, as no one system provided the total solution.

"CariFree is the first "plug and play" system designed to walk an office through the whole procedure. It includes everything you need to get the job done; training, patient brochures, forms, new innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols, and most important, the support you need to be successful. The whole system is simple and easy to use. No longer does the patient have to worry about getting 10 different products. Once a baseline is established for the patient, with CariFree two simple rinses are all you need in most cases. CariFree may prove to be dentistry's best single weapon against tooth decay." - Associate Professor Dr. Doug Young, University of Pacific, California, USA

"After adding the CariFree Cavity Test to our office, I found Essology to be a valuable resource in implementing this system. Unfortunately, we had not set aside any time to really learn the information as a team or devise a system in our office to use this technology. Essology had a variety of tips that enabled my staff to feel confident in what they were talking about and allowed us to overcome any problems with the daily flow of our patient schedule. Essology continues to help on a regular basis, not only with CariFree, but also in adding more value to the treatment we provide our patients." - Dr. Carson Kutsch, Albany, Oregon, USA

"Since I implemented CariFree in my practice, my patients have witnessed a drastic drop in carious lesions. In most cases, compliant patients have not experienced even one cavity since starting on the CariFree system. I have found that this has immeasurably added to my credibility and has caused my patients to trust me even more. They are now asking for dentistry that they had been putting off for months and years.

 "I believe that they now have hope and faith that new decay will not cause their dentistry to fail. CariFree has not only given my patients a new lease on their dental health, but it has added to my bottom line. Not only that, but now I don’t have to spend so much time restoring new lesions and can now dedicate my time to restoring biomechanical failures, cosmetics, and periodontal therapy. We have an increased revenue center with CariFree products, increased new patient referrals as a result of CariFree, and increased production due to the CariFree results.

"My entire team found CariFree simple to implement in the practice, simple to market, and simple to use. This system has been well thought out and the patients understand it at the first telling. The testing is fast and that is important to the dental team and the patients. The rinses are inexpensive and easy to use so we see high patient compliance. CariFree has revolutionized the way I practice Dentistry while improving the lives of my patients. I wholeheartedly recommend CariFree to everyone!"- Dr. Timothy Harbolt, Salem, Oregon, USA.

Source: Essology
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