Choosing a Virus Compliant Air Purification Solution!

14 May 2022

The promotions and advertising of air purifiers are popping up everywhere. We are being bombarded by companies who specialises in manufacturing coffee machines and now are selling air purifiers.

Prior to the pandemic, only specialists and researchers were discussing the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), now governments, health departments, manufacturers and more joining the conversation.  The problem we are seeing is people are not being educated.  ALEN Corporation has been researching and manufacturing air purifiers for over 20 years, focusing on truly providing Pure Air For Life. 

When choosing or building a Virus Compliant specification, the following order of key items are required. Note that 99% of the global air purification industry do not utilise the first point here;

Minimum Filter Requirements (H13 Medical Grade Certified HEPA) which sets the capture capabilities of the filter to the ultra-fine particle level as described under the EPA/WHO Ultra-Fine Virus standard (0.1-0.3 microns). ALEN uses H13 TRUE HEPA in all new & previous BreatheSmart Air Purifiers with our top 4-layer HEPA-SILVER-CARBON filter standard. This is equivalent to a MERV 18-20 level of filtration.

Total System Efficiency (TSE) which is a function of how well the air purifier performs using the above H13 HEPA filter. This is of absolute importance when processing ambient particles far exceeding the allowable limits so you, under all circumstances, are within the safe/acceptable levels. ALEN Commercial Grade Air Purifiers deliver 99% for PM 0.1 capture, 99.995% for PM0.3 capture and 100% PM2.5 capture, you see a lot of suppliers boasting 99.95% for PM 0.1.

Coverage – Each air purifier has as SQFT/SQM maximum floor area coverage. This is a function of Air Flow, Speed and relates to performance based on how many air exchanges per/hr the unit can delivery. ALEN has units to which range from 65m3-100m3.

Duration to Safe Levels – This is a function of time (duration) of which an air purifier can initially process an un-purified space to a safe level. ALEN air purifiers take the least time to exchange the air in the space minimising your initial exposure significantly.

Noise – For spaces occupied by humans and where noise levels are important for the health and comfort of your teams, acceptable noise levels measured in dB are Note that for air purifiers to perform as stated above, higher motor speeds are needed and therefore cause unacceptable noise levels. ALEN has the lowest dB ratings in the industry without sacrificing performance. Now the ONLY SLEEPSCORE CERTIFIED Air Purifier on the market globally.

Power Consumption – With energy costs rising and with numerous deployments (# of units) within corporate spaces, this is another very important ALEN has the lowest power consumption in the industry. We were actually 1st to be Energy Star Approved in the premium market.

Safety – Related to the design and emissions of air purifiers trust only the top brands/suppliers to delivery on safety. ALEN was 1st to be RoHS compliant and meet the highest California Air Research Board (CARB) standards for lead free, ozone safe operation in the world.

Initial Cost – While cost is not the only key measure when specifying an air purification solution, it’s obviously an important one so having both the cost per unit, cost per SQM of coverage and flexibility to right-size the complete solution is Smart Choice! ALEN was designed initially with this in mind and furthermore we find ourselves up to 50% less expensive than our matched competition.

Ongoing Cost – Now that you’ve procured your solution, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is in most cases as important as the initial event. ALEN boldly decided that this was imperative to our success and we find ourselves up to 70% less expensive that our matched competition. ALEN also gives the client (facilities/maintenance) team the option to save further by providing an easy-to-change filter design so the option is yours to save further.

Warranty – When procuring an air purification solution, the warranty of those devices based on the delivery of safe, purified air is crucial to your team health. ALEN set the standard in this area and offers the ONLY LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry.

Ease-Of-Use - An air purifier by design should be intuitive and furthermore communicative as it relates to its function. ALEN leads the industry in this respect with the cleanest and clearest designs in the industry. Furthermore, we now offer the Best-In-Class Smart Sensor 2.0 Technology which can manage the air quality on its own by sensing the air quality and adjusting the speed as needed. This saves on filter life, power consumption and combined with its Air Quality Monitor shows you the quality of your air through a coloured indicator. ALEN also uses an Intelligent Filter Life indicator which lets you know in advance when your filter needs to be changed given Facilities team adequate time to procure and change 30-45 days in advance.

As you can see, this is not another line for our long list of products, air purification systems is our only line of product.