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Cold Chain Packaging Innovation

Supplier: Global Cold Chain Solutions
22 January, 2008

The packaging industry is turning to technology to provide customers with more efficient, cost effective and lighter weight products. Specifically, aerogel, also known as “frozen smoke”, is playing a larger role in the development of shipping containers for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Kodiak Thermal Technologies, represented in Australia by Melbourne firm Global Cold Chain Solutions Pty Ltd, is already utilizing this technology to provide customers with superior insulation in all cold chain shipper products.   Aerogel vacuum insulated panels increase the "R" value for shipping temperature-sensitive products. 

Specifically, use of the aerogel panels provides an “R” value of 40.  Kodiak containers have the ability to be in transit for five days with no power and maintain temperatures inside the containers between 2 degrees and 8 degrees Centigrade.  With a 2.5cm panel insulation Kodiak products get the same temperature protection as 4cm thick plastic foam.

Additionally, not only does the higher R-40 value insure the protection of products from the harsh shipping environment, but we there is also a much larger cargo space inside the container. That plays a big factor in providing a quality and economically superior product.

Global Cold Chain Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier of cold chain temperature monitoring equipment, services and consultancy solutions.