Comparing differences in TV lift models

Supplier: Ergomotion
03 December, 2009

As an Australian manufacturer of TV lifts, we see customers comparing pricing on TV lifts, instead of their technical capabilities.

It is the same as comparing a Korean car with a German car and saying they are exactly the same only one is a lot cheaper than the other.

All manufacturers make different TV lifts and there are many differences between all of the TV lift models available.

Some of the questions to ask:

  • Do the TV lifts have one motor or multiple motors?
  • Do the TV lifts have smart logic?
  • How easy are the TV lifts to install?
  • Are the TV lifts quiet when they operate?
  • Do The TV lifts have an optional remote control and is this included in the cost or an optional extra?
  • How stable are the TV lifts especially when fully extended?
  • How long is the warranty?
  • Are spare parts readily available?

You can obviously buy an overseas model, but don't just look at the price.

  • Is the lift an equivalent quality and design of a locally manufactured one?
  • Who will backup the warranty, if anyone?
  • Is the voltage suitable and approved for Australian use?

When you bring it in there will be duties, taxes and GST payable on the goods. These costs and other miscellaneous costs can end up costing you a lot more than a local supplier.

As we are only experts in our TV lift designs, we will give you an unbiased breakdown of our TV lifts and the capabilities of each one. As you will see each TV lift is designed for a specific market and costs vary based on the design of each unit.

The motionpc:

  • is a TV lift designed for smaller TVs up to 37" or 45kg in weight.
  • it is a single post lift and is not as stable as our motiontv models, due to the single post design, as apposed to the double post of the motiontv models.
  • the motionpc is more than capable of lifting most of the flat screen TVs on the market today.
  • the motionpc TV lift retails for about $1500.00 including an IR remote control.
  • see information and technical details at

The motiontv-DL442

  • this TV lift is a double post lift, which makes the lift not only stable but strong as well.
  • this TV lift has been design for TVs up to 42" or 660mm in height or 120kg.
  • there is a microprocessor that controls the speed of each post (in case there is more load on the one side of the TV as apposed to the other).  
  • this TV lift has a mounting plate that suites most TVs up to 42".
  • this TV lift has the ability to mount the TV between the post, giving a very slim fit and only requiring 145mm of depth to fit the lift in to.
  • it retails for about $2500.00 including an IR remote control.
  • see information and technical details at

The motiontv-DL1160

  • is similar to the motiontv™-DL442.
  • it has been designed to lift the larger screens above 42" up to 960mm in height, and can take a weight up to 100kg.
  • the motiontv-DL1160 TV lift retails for about $3500.00 including an IR remote control. 
  • see information and technical details at

All the lifts allow you to mount the TV close to the ground. This makes the design of the cabinet as low as possible and the design of the cabinet is usually governed by the height of your TV as apposed to the height of the lift.

We trust the details above have clarified some of the confusion out there.