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Supplier: Medi-Rent
13 June, 2013

Medi-Rent is committed to delivering quality delivery and service. The service we offer is a comprehensive process which ensures the best outcome for both you and your patient.

This service begins with the delivery conducted by our very own Customer Service Field Representatives. These representatives deliver the equipment to the destination and then proceed to set-up and explain the use of the equipment to the patient, carer or specialist. Throughout the duration of the equipment’s use we have a dedicated technical support team available to answer any questions regarding the equipment and its operation.
At the conclusion of the service our representatives will pick up the equipment which is then returned to our warehouse for complete cleaning and disinfection, in addition to this the equipment is serviced for total quality assurance and control.
Below is an in-depth description of each component of our service:
We employ our own Customer Service Field Representatives which allows us to maintain quality control over all aspects of the delivery process. These representatives are available to perform all local deliveries. For areas beyond our general access, we courier the product to the client.

As our Field Representatives are a part of our business they provide excellent product knowledge of all of our equipment and will be able to explain and perform the set-up and maintenance of everything they deliver. They are also fully trained to safely deal with any contaminated equipment.

In instances requiring the courier service, easy to understand instructions are provided, and there is also the constant support of our 24/7 technical support service should the client have any concerns.
In-servicing of medical staff
Medi-Rent understands the need for patients to feel comfortable with the equipment they’re using; and so we offer complete in-servicing to train medical practitioners on how to set-up and use the equipment we provide.
Cleaning and disinfection of rental equipment
All equipment is cleaned and disinfected between each client usage to ensure that it adheres to Australian healthcare standards.
We wash all soft goods in a commercial washing machine which heat disinfects and cleans; this includes all equipment components that come in contact with the patient such as compression garments or CPM covers
In addition to our rigorous testing methods, our facilities are regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure cleanliness and safety.
Equipment servicing
Prior to any equipment being delivered we perform a service and safety check to ensure proper functionality and risk-free usage.
Once the payment option for the rental is confirmed Medi-Rent will facilitate the entire billing process, whether it be through the hospital, client or an insurance company.
Support services
Our 24/7 technical support service ensures that any concerns you or your patient have with the use or functionality of our equipment will be handled by experienced staff who can guide you through any issues that may occur.