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Conformity Certificate: Safety Step

Supplier: Richmond Wheel & Castor Co
16 October, 2012

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co wishes to advise that the "Safety Step" described in detail below has been rigorously tested by a NATA accredited testing laboratory and has a maximum load capacity of 150KG.

To whom it may concern,

The Safety Step has been tested in accordance with the test procedures as outlined in EN 14183:2003 Step Stools.

The safety step conforms to and exceeds the relevant clauses of this DIN standard as follows:

Clause 4.1 & 4.5 Dimensions & designations
Clause 5.2 & 5.3 Steps and platforms & slip resistance
Clause 6.2 & 6.3 Vertical static load test & frictional coefficient

Product Information:

Part No. 519SFTYSTEP150
Identifying Features:
Type: Dome style step stool
Colour: Bright Orange step with fluro yellow grip
Configuration: Square step with intermediate steps
Physical Dimensions:
Base: 515mm x 515mm,
Platform: 388mm x 388mm,
Height: 364mm
Conforming Standard:
EN 14183: 2003 Step Stools

Yours sincerely,

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co.