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Cost Per Click (CPC) search engine campaigns prove expensive

Supplier: Industracom
18 August, 2009

Search engines are an important part of any company's online advertising activity, however Cost Per Click (CPC) prices are becoming prohibitively high for many businesses.

Research carried out recently on two companies advertising on Industracom's websites – IndustrySearch & MedicalSearch – has highlighted some startling information about the high costs of CPC advertising.

For this research, both advertisers provided Industracom with the average cost per month of their search engine Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns. They also provided details about how many clicks they are generating.

Industracom then conducted an analysis on how much their Storefront advertising (on IndustrySearch & MedicalSearch) costs these companies per month. It also looked at how many clicks they receive in total to the different parts of their Storefront (products pages, website links, contact detail views).

In both cases, the answers ended up showing their Storefronts on average are delivering clicks for half the price of their CPC campaigns.

Naturally, all product types have different CPC costs because some keywords are more competitive, and therefore cost more than others. However this research was performed on quite diverse companies and for both it clearly demonstrated that their Storefront is delivering less expensive clicks than their search engine CPC campaigns.

In addition, their Storefronts provide a number of additional benefits not provided by search engines such as: brand exposure, lead generation and media release publishing.

Industracom’s websites are also more focused. Visitors refer to them for in depth industry information, providing advertisers with a targeted audience and therefore a much higher value visitor than general search engine clicks.