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Supplier: Modsel
05 July, 2021

A strong like-minded team that values integrity is exactly the type of team you want to back your products 100%, let us tell you why.

Our production team works together in unity to manufacture and create thousands of product configurations to meet your specific and unique requirements. Here at Modsel we take extra care in ensuring that your products are in top working order and of the highest quality. The process behind choosing the right equipment that helps to support you and the patients under your care can be a difficult and confusing journey. However, you are met with a trusted Australian manufacturer that can deliver innovative and high-performing products- your partner in healthcare. Not to mention constant support from a team who are focused on fostering a culture that nurtures, inspires and enables everyone to play their essential role with confidence. Great care is always taken throughout the production process as our team perform quality checks throughout different stages, this way we know that the equipment is getting the care and attention it deserves to arrive to you in pristine condition ready to assist you in any way that you need. Respect is a word we hear a lot but what does it mean in this situation? If a great team feels respected, it will flow through to our products that we manufacture and on to you. This is something we value deeply, it’s built into the fabric of our daily work culture and everything we aim to achieve so that at the end of the day, you can trust your Australian partner in healthcare. Our range of rounds trolleys are just some the products we manufacture right here in Australia and with a variety of customisable options to choose from, there is no question that we can create and design products to suit any requirements;

  • Accommodate your IT requirements, stationery, and other essential clinical items.
  • Enjoy height adjustment to reduce back strain
  • Benefit from trolleys built to be light, easy to move and unobtrusive in tight spaces

So, if you are searching for a reliable manufacturer that is Australian made, values integrity, pays attention to detail and efficiency and respects both the product and customer then you’ve come to the right place. We will always be here doing what we do best…

Creating trusted healthcare products that are made for trusted healthcare professionals.