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Custom Made Soft Lenses

Supplier: Gelflex Laboratories

Gelflex offers a wide range of spherical and Toric Soft contact Lenses in a variety of materials with different water content including 38%, 49%, 55%, 71%.

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The most recent addition to the range of materials is Hygel, a Silicon Hydrogel custom lens with a DK/t of 54 (water content 53%) that offers superior ocular health, wettability and comfort.

Soft lens designs include standard spheres, torics, bifocals, bandage lenses and baby lenses.

Some of the key products within the range of Gelflex Soft lenses include;

Gelflex Bi-Prism Toric Soft Contact Lenses

The Gelflex Bi Prism Toric offers excellent stabilising characteristics with precise axis location and lens marking to aid practitioners and patients. Made to any specification, this lens has a lathe turned toric back surface ensuring optimum optics that combine stability with predictable results.

Gelflex Triton Translating Bifocal Soft Contact Lenses

Designed by Gelflex Founder Don Ezekiel, The Patented TRITON® Translating Soft Bifocal Contact Lens is a translating bifocal lens that incorporates true bifocal lens design, with defined areas for both distance and near vision.

This allows for full and precise optical correction, providing patients with optimal visual acuity at both near and far distances without compromise.