Customer Reviews

Supplier: Clinical Supplies
29 April, 2020

Read what some of our happy customers had to say.

Karen - 4/23/2020

"Very happy to find this site! These masks are of very high quality & I feel safe in knowing they meet both TGA & FDA requirements. I won’t hesitate to order from this business again as the dispatch was prompt & customer service excellent! I rang with a query & my call was answered immediately by a very friendly man. Thank you for clarifying each bag contained 2 masks lol! Thanks for helping me protect my family."


Shannon W. - 4/17/2020

"Impressed with the product and service . Extremely professional organization. Exceeded expectations. Product is soft and comfortable, not to tight around the ears , still plenty of breathing space inside the mask. Highly recommend."


Jessica Y. - 4/13/2020

"This product is the thing I'm looking for! Really good quality. Even better than what I bought from pharmacy. I do need this to protect myself and my family."


Judith W. - 4/29/2020

"Mask covers much of my face fits right under chin and overs the nose. Feels secure and comfortable on and am assured of the quality. Good no nonsense video by the guys."


Judith R. - 4/29/2020
"Easy to use and re-usable. Very handy for shopping etc or when in confined spaces with other people. Information provided by the company contact was excellent."
David R. - 4/23/2020
"great service provided"
Lee S. - 4/23/2020
"excellent service, very quick delivery. Also excellent phone service for enquiries."
David G. - 4/23/2020
"Outstanding company with EXCEPTIONAL customer service. I am a pilot for an international airline based in San Francisco. As most people know, the corona virus has caused a catastrophe in the United States, with over 850,000 cases and more than 47,000 deaths. It is nearly impossible to obtain N95/KN95 masks even for medical professionals, let alone the general public. I contacted JOHN at Clinical Supplies to inquire about obtaining masks to bring back to San Francisco. I let him know that I would..."
Ray P. - 4/21/2020
"The masks were as described"
Luana R. - 4/22/2020
"Good quality masks and very comfortable to wear."
Lee S. - 4/23/2020
"excellent service, very quick delivery. Also excellent phone service for enquiries."
Jess A. - 4/14/2020
"This product has saved me both mine and my family’s life against infectious diseases. Super great quality and amazing customer service so far I have bought two of these bundles."
Gerasimos K. - 4/16/2020
"Quality service"
Arash A. - 4/14/2020
"Bought a box for my surgery, 200 is a good size considering we are only doing emergency dental at the moment. Glad they came quickly too."
Leo A. - 4/12/2020
"The only mask I trust. Very comfortable. I dealt with John and he made the entire process very simple. Highly recommended!"
Michael V. - 4/12/2020
"As an owner of a Pharmacy in need of supplying KN95 masks to the local community in these desperate times - the team Clinical Supplies came in clutch and provided us with quality product and next day delivery. Any questions asked, they answered promptly and the product is a 10/10. Thank you so much guys."
Samuel C. - 4/14/2020
"Great Product, needed it when travelling to and from work. Good to keep extras in case they sell out!"
Pranav M. - 4/11/2020
"Definitely the best out there - no doubt about it."
Jess A. - 4/11/2020
"Very high quality and well worth the price! Delivery was fast. I bought for my whole family and they loved them."
Yiotoula - 4/11/2020
"So happy with these masks! Feel that my 93 year old dad is protected now when he has to go out. Good fit and comfort. Will be ordering more for the rest of our family."
Adam B. - 4/12/2020
"Thankful that I found a locally owned business selling these. Ive looked everywhere and have only been able to buy cheap quality masks since this corona outbreak. I've got a newborn and its just been a stressful time ensuring that were properly caring for our selves, so we can ultimately protect our daughter. Masks are good quality so its given me and the mrs peace of mind. It was a quick delivery for me in Sydney's Inner West. Thanks guys!"
Stratos S. - 4/11/2020
"Great product - I was using the surgical masks initially but after about three to four hours they seem to lose fibres and made me cough. The kn95 masks don’t do this making wearing them for an extended time period more comfortable. I would definitely buy these again."
Carly P. - 4/11/2020
"The KN95 mask makes me feel safe and secure, it fits well on my face and gives me the confidence to go to work in the morning in a customer facing role, knowing I’m protected"
Wally W. - 4/11/2020
"Arrived in perfect condition, highly recommended!"
Rahul S. - 4/11/2020
"Fast delivery to our construction site! We were really struggling during the demolition phase of our project but these guys saved the day!"
Rodney Y. - 4/11/2020
"Good quality product. Product arrived quickly too."
Bijan A. - 4/11/2020
"I highly recommend these masks, I feel secure when I go shopping for groceries and other errands. Previously, I have tried other masks that didn't fee..."
Christina R. - 4/11/2020
"Super speedy and high quality! I ordered the family pack and it came the next day. Highly recommend. We love our masks and wear them whenever we leave..."
George H. - 4/11/2020
"I bought these masks for our staff. Material is of great quality and working at an accommodation facility it was important that our staff felt comfort..."
Maria G. - 4/11/2020
"Bought these for my elderly parents. They love them. The material is nice and thick. I was worried that it would feel scratchy but the material is quite comfortable. Im so glad I bought these and feel more at ease knowing my parents are safer when they leave the house."
John S. - 4/11/2020
"Really high quality masks - also came very quickly. So happy to find a TGA approved product that is in STOCK! Thanks guys!"