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Deka SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis

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The Original and Proven Laser Liposculpture System From One Of Europe's Leading Manufacturers

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The SmartLipo laser-assisted liposculpture treatment breaks down the membranes of the fat cells, transforming them into an oily substance (liquid fat) that may be removed through low-pressure suction or absorbed and eliminated by the body itself.

Low Downtime LipoSculpture With Significant Skin Tightening

The procedure is significantly less traumatic than traditional liposuction (i.e. less bruising and quicker recovery times) and involves practically no loss of blood, (due in equal parts to the type of anaesthesia used and the heating effect of the laser which causes coagulation of the blood).

In addition, the low-level laser energy helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin resulting in skin tightening and a reduction in ptosis.

Use On Areas That Are Difficult To Treat With Traditional Methods

Due to the small size of cannulas used (1mm) this liposculpture treatment is considered to be minimally invasive when compared to traditional liposuction techniques, meaning that delicate areas such as the face, forearms, upper abdomen and knees can be treated successfully using this method.

Ultra-thin Cannula Requires Only Small Incision

Under anaesthesia, a small puncture or incision is made in the skin and the laser light is delivered through the insertion of a micro-cannula (with a diameter of 1mm) into which an optical fibre has been inserted; this conducts the Nd:YAG laser beam emitted by the system in ultra short pulses (causing minimal heating). The surgeon is able to see where the end of the cannula is at all times due to a visible red light that shines through the skin from an additional “guidance” optical fibre housed within the micro-cannula. The surgeon can then move the cannula in a fan-like pattern to effectively and evenly liquefy the fat in the treatment area.

New 10-Watt System Allows Faster Treatments

The new 10-Watt Smartlipo system allows a physician to complete a typical laser-assisted liposuction procedure in about half the time as the original 6-watt workstation. The same level of performance and efficacy is maintained but treatment time is reduced markedly.

Significant User Base & Experience Worldwide

Released in 2004 the Deka SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis system now has a large and continually growing user base in use in Europe and the USA with over 4500 systems in use worldwide.