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Deka Synchro HP Multiple Wavelength Laser & UPL Pulsed Light Platform

Supplier: High Tech Laser

Powerful Multi-platform Nd:YAG, Er:YAG (2940 nm) or QS Nd:YAG (1064 nm) Laser & Pulsed Light System For Versatile Treatment Options In One

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Multiple Laser and Pulsed Light Treatment Options In One Powerful System

Synchro HP is the only platform in the world to offer 3 different laser sources and 9 UPL pulsed light handpieces in the one product. This gives you the power to deliver the most tailored treatments for every patient.

The Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser module is the most powerful system on the market today. It allows for hair removal treatment on all skin phototypes with a spot size of up to 20mm. Vascular lesions of different origin (telangiectasia’s, haemangiomas, erythrosis, small PWS) can be treated on the face, body and legs.

The effectiveness of the 1064nm wavelength has recently been demonstrated in non-ablative treatment of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and folliculitis.

Unique Patented Pulsed Light Technology – U-Shaped Lamp

Deka intense pulsed light handpieces feature a unique U-shaped lamp that improves treatment effectiveness by registering minimum lateral dispersion of light. This innovative design focuses energy into a highly effective treatment area.
Versatility of Multiple Pulsed Light Handpieces

The pulsed light handpieces are available in three different selections of wavelengths, with cut-off filters of 500nm, 550nm, and 650 nm, for versatility in hair removal and photo-rejuvenation, even for the darkest phototypes. Each handpiece is available in three different treatment area sizes: either 21x10mm (2.1cm2), 46x10 mm (4.6 cm2) or 46x18 mm (8.3 cm2).

Inbuilt Cooling In Handpiece And Precision Pulsed Light Emission

The cooling system incorporated in the UPL handpieces enhances patient comfort and is water cooled to a constant 10 degrees Celsius.

Each handpiece houses a microchip that identifies the type, serial number and number of pulses delivered meaning that Photosilk-Plus is capable of providing the operator with data regarding the operating conditions of the system in an ongoing manner.

Guaranteed Lamp Life For At Least 60,000 Shots

Deka’s UPL handpieces achieve longer lamp life and precision via an onboard energy meter in every system and are guaranteed for a minimum of 60,000 shots, meaning you can be assured of their precision.