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Dental Products - Hydrogel

Supplier: NSI Dental

A new approach to the treatment of sensitivity.

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Hydrogel is supplied as a Low viscosity liquid which penetrates exposed dentinal tubules by capillary action.

Light curing results in a unique gel which swells when moist and provides a long- term block whilst remaining permeable to oxygen and electrolytes.


Treatment of sensitivity by tubular occlusion.


The expansion results in secure, long-term retention despite the effects of surface wear.

The softness eliminates pressure and hence there is no pain.

Brushing & wear remove only the exposed parts of the gel leaving the rest intact inside the tubules for long periods of time.

The cured gel is colourless and hence the tooth retains its normal appearance.

The gel structure remains permeable to oxygen and electrolytes but without fluid flow there are no hydraulic pressures that can cause pain.

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