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Dental Tape & Floss | By Piksters

Supplier: Erskine Oral Care

Dental Floss and Tape... New from the Piksters people.

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Piksters DENTAL FLOSS – extra strong (UHMWPE)

Piksters waxed floss is made from extra strong, fine multifilaments to give that "scrubbing" sensation.
(Contains 30 metres.)

  • Made of the same polymer as some "full metal" bullet proof jackets - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene - to give superb strength and break resistance, even in fine 800 denier threads.
  • Lower coefficient of friction than Nylon. Easier to insert with less risk of tissue trauma and less risk of sudden breaking.

PikstersDENTAL TAPE – Super Smooth (PTFE)

Made from PTFE tape - a monofilament tape that won’t shred or fray during use.

  • Eliminates the problem of annoying floss fibres caught between teeth.
  • Reduces the risk of pain and gingival trauma - tape slides so easily between
    the teeth (insertion force is approx. 1/2 to 1/3 of normal nylon floss) there is
    almost no risk of a sudden snap through the contact
    , plus the tape sits
    flat on contact with gum.



The Twin Mini floss pack contains two packs of waxed extra strong floss. Piksters waxed floss is made from a super strong, fine multifilament UHMWPE floss which is much stronger than Nylon and also has a lower coefficient of friction.

  • Great size for pocket or purse or to sample to patients.
  • New polymer UHMWPE is easier to use and is much stronger than nylon.
  • 8 metres per roll. Excellent value.