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Device Technologies

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Device Technologies

Device Technologies is an Australian, independent, private company established in 1992. Today it employs around 250 people in Australia and New Zealand and operates sales offices in every Australian state and in Auckland, New Zealand.

It markets and sells high quality capital equipment and medical device consumables. Products are imported from the USA and Europe as well as being locally manufactured.

Our independent status enables us to be selective in the products we distribute, the services we provide and the people we employ.

Device Technologies has a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001, to supply specialty medical and surgical devices to Australian public and private healthcare providers. The accreditation covers the administration, installation and servicing of such devices.

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To supply cost effective and technologically innovative products to Australian healthcare clients using professionally superior sales distribution and service facilities.

Device Technologies Australia is committed to quality. Quality of product and service is our goal. We aim to achieve this through our quality management system (AS/NZS ISO 9001), as well as our marketing, sales, customer service, purchasing, warehousing, regulatory and distribution divisions.

We provide the medical and surgical staff of the Public and Private Healthcare Institutions with advanced education, superior technical support and customer service as well as the latest clinical research data internationally available.

Technology - People

Our vision is to create a difference by delivering leading edge technologies through inspirational people.

Products - Services

The quality of the company's products and services is the concern of every person in the organisation.

Loyalty - Reliability

Is the promise we make to our customers, our employees and our community.

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