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Disposable Bag, Mask, Manometer, O2 Reservoir, O2 Tubing | CPR-2

Supplier: RAPP Australia

CPR-2 Disposable Bag, Mask, Manometer, O2 Reservoir, O2 Tubing - Fills spontaneously after they are squeezed, pulling oxygen or air into the bag.

Price Guide: POA

Remains inflated at all times - Can deliver positive pressure ventilation without a compressed gas source - Requires attachment of an oxygen reservoir to deliver 90% - 100% oxygen.

Positive Pressure Ventilation and Self-inflating bags

The CPR-2 is a full line of resuscitators manufactured with new thermoplastic bag material providing superior lung compliance "feel" with exceptional responsiveness. The CPR-2 now offers clinicians a choice of the same unparalleled quality performance and accessories as the regular synthetic rubber CPR bag product line.


  • Optional colour-coded Manometer, accuracy is ± 3cm H2O between 0-15cm H2O
  • Monitors both Airway and PEEP Pressure
  • Fast re-expansion/high breath-per-minute capability
  • Latex-free medical grade thermoplastic bag material
  • Optional CO2 detector accessory
  • Patient valve detaches to add Omni-Link tubing that provides greater reach capability, ideal for neonatal and MRI needs
  • Optional Exhalation Filter and MR Conditional Peep Valve accessory

The Resuscitation Bag with Colour-Coded Manometer. The Mercury Medical Disposable Colour-Coded Manometer is ready when you need it.