DoAbility: It's an Attitude

Supplier: DoAbility
14 April, 2014

Recently we acknowledged and celebrated the International Day of People With Disabilities. On this day there were many events and ways to acknowledge the achievements of both people living with a disability and those who care for them.

After all, a supportive team around the family usually means that there are quite a few therapists, carers, counsellors, transport people, teachers, respite carers and friends who play a part in their lives.

But for many people in the community, their lives are untouched by disability and they move in different circles. For those of us working and living side by side to the disabled population we think "how can this be?" and it makes me think of what stereotypes may they have of a "disabled person".

It's up to us all in the disability circles of support, to take the message of the celebration of IDPWD to the rest of the community and show them that people with disabilities have "DoAbility!"

There are so many things that those with disabilities can do, and are out there doing! Even if they are limited in their physical capacity to do, they teach the rest of us lessons in patience, humility and compassion and through their lessons, help to make us all better people.

Through this blog we hope to discuss and promote many aspects of the DoAbility of those in our community that others may perceive as limited. So let's use this space to share stories and promote the DoAbility of our family members, colleagues or those in our care. 

Let's show the community that DoAbility is not only a service for the support of children and people with a disability or frail aged, it is an attitude, a state of mind and something to be immensely proud.