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Dynamic SF-36 Health Survey

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The Dynamic SF-36 Health Survey is a tool used to measure health-related quality of life - or Functional Health Status.

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It measures a person's ability to function on the job, at home and in social situations.

As set out under the heading of Functional Health Status the SF-36 and its derivatives, the physical and mental component summary scales are excellent standardised measures of a person’s health related quality of life.

The introduction of the internet (or World Wide Web) now allows further enhancement of these measures with an even higher degree of precision.

This additional computer technology combined with still further advances in psychometrics allows one to achieve this level of precision with even shorter instruments.

These are called Computerised Adaptive Tests.

This strategy has been used to achieve short and precise educational and psychological tests for decades.

In order to achieve a standardised test result, the printed short form questionnaires must rely on a "fixed" set of questions that cannot possibly be the best set of questions for all respondents.

For most patients, at least some of the questions are likely to appear redundant, illogical or unnecessary.

What we require is to ‘focus’ all the questions on the respondent’s “own individual level of health”.

This is exactly what Computerised Adaptive Tests do. It is a simple form of artificial intelligence that selects questions based on the patient’s individual responses.

The computer selects questions based on each of the patient’s responses, and it shortens or lengthens the test to achieve the desired precision.

It scores everyone on a standard metric so that results can be compared and displayed instantly.

It is anticipated that patient/respondent burden (i.e. time and effort) will be reduced by 50% or more.

Those responsible for the development and refinement of the SF-36 have now used “modern” psychometric methods together with internet computer technology and have developed “dynamic” health assessments for the SF-36 and its physical and mental summary scales.

These assessments have a known and high level of precision for individual patients, less respondent burden, are cheaper to administer and can be accessed by telephone, web browser and hand-held devices.

They will enable physicians to revolutionise individual patient care.

Welcome to the emedilab Dynamic Health Assessment!

This emedilab Dynamic SF-36 website itself now provides…

The health professional the opportunity to utilise web-enabled quality of life functional health status measures as part of routine clinical practice. It can be utilised by your individual patients.

Through password-protected access Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) data relating to being physical health and mental health is collected and individual results are reported in real time for the health provider and her/ his individual patient.

These results are scored and compared to normal so the presentation is similar to familiar pathology results reports. As with pathology results, individual patients results and therefore, health changes, can be monitored over time.

For the health professional who is committed to quality patient care this provides the web-based affordable tools that are purchasable through the emedilab order process on this website.

This is available for hospital quality managers, hospital clinicians, individual GPs, group practices, Divisions of GPs; and health professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists, occupational therapists, treating specialists, hospital clinicians, hospital units, research units and area health services.

They are also available to health insurers to carry out surveys of their members, workers’ compensation or motor vehicle accident insurers.

To learn more about commencing such a project on a group of your patients and establishing an account click here.

For more information about the Science behind the Dynamic SF-36, click here.

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