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Supplier: Empire Dental Devices
19 November, 2016

The Fimet chair has required very little repairs.

This is a testimonial from Dr Ian Renton.

"The Fimet Neo chair proved extremely adaptable in replacing an existing side-lift chair. The office work area is compact and the plumbing could have been better positioned and of course the old chair used for work was also positioned wrongly. My desire as a professional was to correct this issue during the replacement exercise. The Fimet Neo chair was an ideal fit with the floor box, small base, rotation of the chair and knee break style which fit surprisingly well into my surgery.

The chair's finer details such as the whip arm allows for greater control of hand pieces and scaler. The operating light is fantastic allowing superb vision and no heat and the delivery system allows easy access and positioning of instruments close to the patient. As a matter of fact, no foot control cables get in the way and the control can be positioned anywhere. The removable arms make seating for select patients very comfortable. The chair looks modern (and is modern), uncluttered and crisp in design. Its smooth flat surfaces are easy to keep clean and hygienic. In summary, I have been working with the Neo chair for close to 2 years and I enjoyed significant productivity. I get parts replaced promptly and servicing is done on time."