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Electrical Examination Couch | Promotal eMotion

Supplier: Midmed

The most efficient examination couch ever designed, following research in 6 countries with over 200 doctors. Allows the doctor to fully concentrate on the diagnosis, whilst gaining time and space. Patient benefits include increased comfort and less stress.

Price Guide: POA

Features include:

  • Chair and couch position reached with 1 click
  • Variable height from 45cm to 96cm
  • 2 Preset favourite positions
  • 5 year warranty

Find the answers to all your questions on the eMotio couch below.

1. You claim that the new eMotio couch is much faster than current couches. Is this true?
It only takes 7 seconds to go from the welcome position to the 80 cm high sitting examination position. And it only takes 21 seconds to travel the total run of the couch (from 45 to 96 cm) compared to 30 - 40 seconds for most current couches.

2. How do I choose and set my Quick Exam positions?
You have the possibility of setting up 2 favourite examination positions that can then be reached in one click. To fully benefit from the potential of your new Promotal eMotio couch, we recommend that you choose as n°1 a sitting position combined with the examination height suited to your height. For the 2nd position, you could set up a couch position adapted to your height, or if you regularly carry out gynecological examinations, a position adapted for this type of examination (high position, inclined backrest and reverse-Trendelenburg, if you have chosen this option).
To save these positions, all you have to do is manually reach the desired position, then simultaneously press on the buttons M and T1 or T2

3. How do I put the castors in place?
The Promotal eMotio couch is equipped with electrically activated castors. To deploy them, press and hold the 'castor' symbol on the control panel until they deploy. The couch will position itself to the low position, with the backrest raised, to allow you to move it easily.

4. Why does the welcome position go to 55 and not 45 cm?
The welcome position at 55 cm is the most adapted for 90% of patients - it is, therefore, this height that has been retained to save you time. However, the Promotal eMotio couch has also been designed to allow the reception of people with more significant mobility difficulties, thanks to a low welcome position of 45 cm. To reach this position, simply use the elevation control pedal. Note that during the descent, the couch will automatically stop at 55 cm to inform you that you have reached the usual welcome position. To descend to 45 cm, press on the – pedal button again until the desired height is reached.

5. Some patients are not reassured when moving up seated. What can I do?
Elevation in a sitting position can be anxiety-inducing for some patients. To avoid this, assistance handles can be ordered to help the patient sit in the chair and reassure them during elevation. Available as accessories, these handles are easily folded so as not to disturb the practitioner during the examination.

6. The couch and chair positions are practical, but the backrest recline doesn't suit me. What can I do?
You can modify the backrest recline in the couch and chair positions. For this, manually recline the backrest to the desired position, then simultaneously press the buttons M and V1 or V2

7. Why can't the welcome position be parametered?
The welcome position at a height of 55cm has been designed as the most suitable for receiving the majority of patients. However, it is also possible to go down to 45cm for patients with significant mobility difficulties. For this, press on the – elevation pedal button until you reach the desired height. Note that during the descent, the couch will automatically stop at 55 cm to inform you that you have reached the usual welcome position. To descend to 45 cm, press on the – pedal button again until the desired height is reached.

8. When I press on the + or - buttons of the elevation pedal, nothing happens for around 1 second. Is this normal?
Yes, this is perfectly normal as the pedal controls 2 functions:
1. to raise / descend, by sustained contact on one of the 2 buttons + or -.
2. to reach the welcome position or your n°1 favourite examination position via a rapid double press on one of the 2 buttons + or - depending on the desired position.

9. I can no longer recline the backrest to completely flat. What can I do?
For safety reasons, it is not possible to bring the eMotio couch to completely flat when the reverse Trendelenburg position is activated. Simply restore the flat seat recline by pressing on the G- pedal located at the front of the couch, and you will be able to fully recline the couch without difficulty.

Promotal eMotion Electrical Examination Couch