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Eliminate the dangers of smoke plume during laser and electro surgery

Supplier: Walker Filtration
25 June, 2009

UK based Walker Filtration Ltd continues to reduce the risk in laser surgery with their Laservac smoke evacuation systems. Already a market leader in the field of laser smoke evacuation, Walker Filtration Ltd manufactures a range of smoke evacuation products to protect staff in hospital operating theatres and clinics.

Research by OSHA (20051 has shown that each year an estimated 500,000 workers, including surgeons, nurses, anaesthesiologists and surgical technologists are exposed to laser or electrosurgical smoke. Several chemicals and toxic gases have been found in smoke plume including hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, carcinogens and viruses.

An explanation of where surgical smoke originates is given in an overview of recommendations laid out by the National Association of Theatre Nurses (NATN, 20041. They state 'Surgical plume is the name given to the vapour containing particles that are released when an electrosurgical, laser or ultrasonic device is used on the body tissue.

The use of laser and electrocautery equipment to perform laser and electro surgery has gained wide spread acceptance in recent years as an effective method for certain treatments in urology, cardiology, diathermy, colposcopy, gynaecology, ophthalmology, neurology and dermatology. However, concern continues to mount over the potential hazards of smoke and odour plumes produced by laser and electrosurgical equipment.

The NATN states that 'All thermal instruments used in surgery produces smoke, which potentially contains infective agents that may be hazardous to staff. Dedicated smoke evacuation must be used and the filters checked and changed as per the manufacturers' recommendation.'

As lasers are so beneficial to the patient, that many surgeons endure the adverse conditions. Using the Laservacm machine means health workers no longer have to compromise their health with this effective solution.

The Laservac' smoke evacuation system is a totally self contained machine, very portable in operation with variable flow capabilities. It is ideally suited to all types of laser surgery and is simple to use.

The units incorporate a host of special attributes including: -

  • Removes odours and sub micron particles down to 99.9999%
  • Integral three stage filtration system
  • One of the quietest smoke evacuators on the market
  • A full range of accessories available to suit different needs

It is now recognised by the medical industry and indeed from feedback from users of LaservacTM units, that a more efficient and integrated approach to laser and electrosurgical smoke is vital. Surgeons currently using Laservacin products have seen that using a high efficiency smoke evacuation system of this kind can remove all concerns. Efficiency in procedures is also improved as surgeons can work at full laser power for longer periods.