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EMEDILAB is designed to bring this new set of diagnostic tools to the attention of physicians.

The first electronic diagnostic medical assessment laboratory to offer medical and health professionals a new generation of scientifically sound diagnostic tools for assessing patients and monitoring health outcomes.

* Functional health status (generic and disease specific)
* Behavioral health status
* Environmental health status
* Health care status

EMEDILAB brings together science and technology to produce a new generation of diagnostic tools. These measure and compare to normal the following to assist physicians in diagnosis:

* Patients¡¦ functional health status
* Patients¡¦ risk factors (positive health status)
* Patients¡¦ Cared for Status

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EMEDILAB (a subsidiary of Computerised Medical Systems) is to provide physicians with easy, on-line access to this new generation of diagnostic tools, outcomes measures and treatment protocols.

In early 2005, eMedilab Systems was established to bring a fully automated procedure for performing Enhanced Primary Care Plans to the medical fraternity. eMedilab Systems Pty Limited is associated with Computerised Medical Systems Group of Sydney and in conjunction with AQRU Training provides total services in aiding your use of ADEPT.

These include, the software, Hints via the web, periodic Seminars on new features as well as periodic training courses in the major metropolitan centres.

EMEDILAB has created a Research & Development Division, AQRU (Australian Quality Patient Care Research Unit), to work with health professionals and health organisations to carry out research on:
* Quality Patient Care
* Preventive Health Care
* Patient-centred Care

AQRU¡¦s Training Unit has been established to provide educational and training courses for health professionals who will utilise Health Outcome Measurements and, in particular, the eMedilab products.

Current courses include:
* Practice Nurse Training Course
* Community Health Providers Course
* Hospital Quality Managers Course
* Customer Relationship Manager Training Course
* Divisions of GP Training Course
* Evolved Medicine

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