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Emergency Call Systems | Domestic & Self Care

Supplier: Blue Force

Smart-Caller is a pioneer in the design and supply of emergency-call facilities for the total aged-care industry and this starts with independent living where the client is living alone in their own home or family home perhaps within 'granny flat' accommodation.

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Over the twenty years that Smart-Caller has served the aged care profession and industry there are countless examples of how the products (currently being the 'Blue-Phone or Smart-Dialler) have been utilised.

Experience has shown that the best solution for a person living alone or spending time alone is to use the 'all-in-one' Blue-phone. With its large buttons, picture aided speed dialling, 'talking clock' along with being the client's day to day telephone handset it quickly becomes a valuable and reliable 'Companion' to the aged person or persons. The Smart-Dialler, on the other hand, is better suited to Central Monitoring companies for Rental arrangements or for industrial and occupational health and safety (OH&S) applications.

The Blue-Phone has the ability to identify a problem, to 'talk' to the client in the chosen language, to remind the client of some required action (such as taking medication) or to ask a question. If it does not receive the required response it will then make a call to one or more destinations to allow high quality two-way voice communication to the 'Blue-Phone' client, who may for example have fallen in the next room.

Each unit is provided with a wireless pendant, however, it can accommodate up to 48 different sensor devices which will allow smoke detection, inactivity monitoring, duress and a wide range of other potential events that may need to be monitored from time to time.

Since the advent of the Smart-Caller professional range of products other devices have now found their way into the market allowing 'family monitoring; They are mostly diallers or domestic telephones none of which comply to the stringent requirements of the Australian Standard AS4607 "Personal Alerting Systems" .These sub standard systems are based on the client making contact with family and friends and perhaps using the emergency-call triple [0] as the last resort destination.

Because Smart-Caller virtually invented such communication techniques some 20 years ago it follows that the use of family monitoring is also possible with the Smart-Caller products. However, Smart-Caller as a company policy insists on working within the professional ranks of the industry and does not directly supply its products for the family monitored market. However, should you purchase a Smart-Caller product from one of Smart-Caller's agents for the purpose of family monitoring then you should be aware that you have opted to operate outside of the appropriate standard but, with our range of products you do retain the ability to have it remotely reprogrammed by a professional monitoring centre when the family gets tired of carrying such responsibility or something goes wrong as it usually does.

 In a 'Granny Flat' situation or where the elder person is left alone for periods of time, the products can be programmed to make an alerting noise within the house if Granny presses her pendant (or triggers a sensor) during the night whilst the family is home and/or by making an outside call during the day when the family have gone to work, school or shopping.

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