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Endodontic Adhesive Therapy - InnoEndo

Supplier: Heraeus Kulzer Australia Pty Ltd

InnoEndo (Innovative Endodontic Adhesive Therapy) ™ is a complete kit that significantly streamlines the process of performing a root canal for endodontists and general practice dentists alike.

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This is made possible by InnoEndo’s advanced materials, which include an innovative two-in-one post/obturator system.

The last major innovation in Endodontic technology was introduced during the Eisenhower administration,” says Christian Brutzer, President of Heraeus Kulzer, Inc.

“Although a breakthrough for its time, gutta percha does not provide a fool proof seal and also requires the use of pressure, heat or both - which can compromise the integrity of the tooth.

InnoEndo truly represents what’s next in endodontic treatment.”

Specifically, InnoEndo allows dentists to obturate and seal the canal in one simple step, which in itself represents the next breakthrough in endodontic treatment.

Specfically, a rigid or adaptable obturator serves as support for the root and, in some cases, a post for restorations.

Because the obturator can also serve as a post or pin, root canals that require restorations can be now be handled in one visit instead of the two required with traditional root canal methods.

InnoEndo utilizes a biocompatible resin luting cement to seal the canals against bacterial contamination.

The seal is further strengthened with ResilonTM * (a revolutionary soft resin polymer), which chemically bonds to both the cement and tooth, thus preserving tooth integrity.

This hermetic seal is highly effective in preventing microorganisms and fluids from passing from the oral cavity into the root canal, which virtually eliminates post obturation patient recalls.

According to Dr. Lou Graham, D.D.S., “InnoEndo™ not only provides superior obturating and sealing capabilities, it’s also bridging the gap between endodontic and cosmetic dentistry.

A root canal and restoration in one visit? Now that’s a breakthrough for dentist and patient alike!”

Because no two root canals are alike, InnoEndo includes an adaptable obturator with an extended length of ResilonTM positioned at the end of a flexible, high- strength glass fiber.

Therefore, in even the most challenging curved root cases, InnoEndo’s tapered obturator can be inserted into the canal as far as possible, conform to the curve, support the root and add hydraulic pressure for a hermetic apical seal.