Environmental Test Chambers for Cold Chain Shipper Test

Supplier: Global Cold Chain Solutions
24 September, 2008

GCCS are pleased to launch their sophisticated cold chain test chamber facilities in Melbourne. They are calibrated to the highest testing standards in Australia, and the largest chamber accommodates 2 x large airline containers! Ideal for testing both small cold chain courier boxes and the largest export pallet shippers available.

The scientific testing and evaluation of cold chain packaging is an integral part of Global Cold Chain’s validation services at Tullamarine, Melbourne.

Global Cold Chain regularly test and validate the performance of packaging from local Australian suppliers, as well as global companies.

We can quickly calculate the amount of cooling power you will need for your journey - before you even send the shipper.  Global Cold Chain uses sophisticated predictive modeling software, in conjunction with two test chambers, where the cold chain boxes are exposed to a series of transit profile tests. These tests are designed to simulate actual conditions.

Some types of the validation we conduct include:
* Frozen <-25ºC
* Frozen <20ºC
* Food 1ºC to 5ºC
* Pharmaceutical 2ºC to 8ºC
* Blood 2ºC to 6ºC
* Controlled Ambient 10ºC to 25ºC
* Platelets 20ºC to 24ºC
We also are also frequently requested to re-validate existing packaging, and conduct comparisons on other packaging available on the market.

Some of the transit profiles we prepare include:

*  Australian domestic summer and winter 24hr,48hr,72hr
*  Australia Summer > Europe Winter
*  Australia Winter > Europe Summer (via Singapore or Dubai)
*  Australian summer > USA/Canada Winter