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Equipmed announces another international innovation at COSMETEX

Supplier: Equipmed Ltd
02 May, 2014

Whilst the success of skin needling for the treatment of scar tissue and collagen induction is well documented, Dermapen™'s patented AOVN™ technology has been medically proven to normalise the melanogenesis process - in normal skin, there is neither too much, nor too little pigment.

At the prestigious Anti-Aging Medicine Congress held early April in Monte Carlo, Dr Hasan El-Fakahany (Al-Minya / Cairo Faculty Of Medicine) and Andrew R. Christie (Dermapen™ Global Brand Ambassador and Director of Lipservice Consulting) made industry headlines with their ground-breaking presentation on Dermapen™ and the successful treatment of hypopigmented conditions - including  acral vitiligo.

Clinical Dermapen™ treatments in combination with specific drug and antioxidant therapy have demonstrated impressive results in the reversal of melanin depletion.  The AMWC is the world’s first and largest medical congress devoted entirely to extrinsic and intrinsic anti-aging medicine.

Unlike thermolytic technology (including laser and IPL) or traditional dermal rollers, Dermapen™ does not induct any heat with epidermal integrity remaining intact. This enables treatment on all Fitzpatrick skin types.

Dermapen™ procedures directly target melanocytes (in addition to keratinocytes and fibroblasts) to produce a regenerative and healing cascade that simultaneously regulates and normalises abnormal facultative pigment and melanocyte depletion. 1300 micro channels are produced per second via the vertical insertion of an automated 12 needle cartridge.

The specific depth of the needles may be customised for each patient ensuring targeted stratum basale precision.

Andrew R. Christie will be presenting on vitiligo and Dr Hasan El-Fakahany's studies at the upcoming Cosmetex conference on Queensland's Gold Coast. Cosmetex is Asia Pacific's largest and most significant meeting devoted to cosmetic medicine. As a follow up to the recent AMWC, this seminar will be an Australasian first to reveal Dermapen™'s role in solving vitiligo’s previously undefeated battle.