Ever heard of a 'gold plated' IV pole?

Supplier: Select Patient Care
15 October, 2019

With an abundance of mobile IV poles available, you would think that everything has been covered off well...

However, we have listened harder to our Australian nurses and learned a multitude of annoyances that doesn’t make life any easier for them day to day…

‘Ours are so unstable’

‘Large base designs just make them more ‘in our feet’

‘We keep tearing our clothes on the hooks’

‘The locks are fiddly and regularly go missing’

‘The fluid bags don’t drain properly’

‘It is noisy when we wheel them’

Being the long-term Australian healthcare equipment designers and manufacturers that we are, we set about producing the best. Yes, they are almost ‘gold plated’, but for those who understand the value of a lifetime investment and nursing made easier, our Premium Stacking IV Pole goes to the top.

A ‘pleasure to use’ takes on a whole new meaning;

  • Firstly, fully welded – these bases won’t rattle apart
  • Solid steel construction – extra heavy design allowing the base to be more compact with greater stability
  • Smoothly rounded – so much easier on your ankles and walls
  • Polished total stainless steel construction – no coatings to chip or crack… ever
  • Double coated mild steel base option – for the price conscious or special custom colour requirements
  • A 4-hook design with horizontal and vertical offsets – easy to hang drain bags with a guaranteed continuous flow
  • Height adjustable with a one-handed lift and release locking system – no loose parts and very simple operation
  • Large diameter pole – for ease of mounting IV pumps
  • Fully rotational lower catheter hooks – variable height and no obstruction to loose clothing
  • Stainless steel grab handle – both removable if required and adjustable in height
  • Only the best 75mm twin wheel castors – for smooth and quiet wheeling anywhere
  • And then stackable of course – no sense in having the best if it still takes up a ton of space during storage

If you think any of this could make a difference to your facility, then please enquire. Sure, we understand that it may not address your requirements 100%, but don’t forget that we are an Australian design firm, manufacturing custom medical equipment at scale, whether you need 1 or 100, we are set up to provide fast delivery at fair pricing with a lifetime partnership.