Fall prevention: Assisting the elderly at home

Supplier: DoAbility
14 April, 2014

Falls can happen to all of us. Fall prevention in the elderly and aged is a major consideration when looking at how older people can function in their own home.

Over the holiday period you may have older family members come to visit and stay for a few days. How to make your place more accessible for your elderly parent or friend? Here are some ideas.

Portable Rails can be of assistance – placing them in the bathroom, toilet area, or on the wall near a step can give some extra piece of mind to your visitor – and they can be removed once the visit is over.  For as little as $10 per rail - you can have some peace of mind.

Remove rugs from the floor as they can often be a trip hazard. Electric cords across the floor can also pose a risk.
Consider hiring  a shower stool, bath seat or shower chair for the short term to make showering safer. 

A walking frame or walking stick may give the elderly person some extra stability in unfamiliar environments – or hiring a Rollator  or other mobility aid may prove helpful for sightseeing during the visit.

Ensure there is adequate light for the elderly person, especially for visiting the toilet during the night – night lights or a sensor light would be helpful here. There are several styles of alarms and alerts that can also assist families where epilepsy or dementia are an issue.

Other suggestions include ensuring the persons medication is up to date and not causing lightheadedness or a balance difficulty and also maintaining physical mobility and strength through gentle exercise. The "use it or loose it" philosophy applies.

It's important to look after our older family and community members, and with a bit of help and the right aids and equipment, life can be easier and safer for all.