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The Fast Vac is the new powerful upright vacuum cleaner that is making cleaning a breeze.

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What is a Fast Vac?

The Fast Vac is designed to agitate the carpet to reach deeper into the flooring and get all the dirt out. The Fast Vac has been used very successfully in;

  •  Aged Care,
  •  Healthcare,
  •  Schools/Universities,
  •  Retail,
  •  Hospitality and many other areas.

Why should I use the Fast Vac instead of a normal vacuum?
Without a true HEPA high filtration system, very fine dust particles come straight off the floor into your respitory system. These particles could include:

  •  C-Dephisil - Bacteria
  •  Dust Mites - Virses
  •  MRSA - Pollen
  •  Dust Mite Faeces - Fungus

These pollutants may remain airborne for 24 hours.
This means there is a good chance they will be inhaled by staff, residents and yourself! Vacuum can be a health risk, though with Fast Vac vacuum can prevent this.

Unique Features of Fast Vac

  • Powerhead agitates deep to remove all dirt. Especially suited to Flotex and industrial carpets.
  • Indicator light for Power and Bag Full-so you’re aware of vacuum cleaner operation and maintenance
  • Operate for long periods of time without the need for changes - Large bag and HEPA filter
  • Super extendable hose to reach wherever you need, such as ceiling corners or under beds
  • On board accessories - no searching around the facility for missing vacuum tools
  • Replaceable and removable cord for easy maintenance and operation
  • No back and forth motion of a normal vacuum cleaner with hose
  • Quick release cord holder for fast packing up and set up
  • Four brush positions to suit different floor coverings

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