Featherweight Combination! Oakley Radar with TTL Mount Micro Loupes

Supplier: INLINE Medical & Dental
03 November, 2010

SurgiTel's Micro series through-the-lens (TTL) loupes are now available on the ultra stylish Oakley Radar sports frame.

This combination of loupes and frame is the perfect fit for practitioners seeking an ultra light and comfortable magnification system that also provides the added benefits of extensive facial protection and exceptional peripheral vision.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the Oakley Radar frame in TTL mount. This latest addition to the range provides a combination of elements previously unavailable in TTL loupes. The Oakley Radar provides the comfort of a sports frame with the complete protection many practitioners have requested in combination with the lightweight micro loupe.” Alan Slack, National Product Manager, INLINE Medical & Dental.

The Micro loupes are SurgiTel’s lightest and most comfortable magnification system to date and offer a significant reduction in weight over conventional loupes. The Oakley Radar frame spreads their already low weight around the head providing the most comfortable fit yet achieved.

Features Summary

  • Micro Magnification available in 2.5x & 3.0x
  • Multi coated HD glass lenses in oculars
  • Lightest loupe in clinical magnification – 10 grams
  • Available in both Through-the-Lens and Flip-up
  • Exceptional depth of field and field of view
  • Superior frame construction
  • Best frame fit and protection
  • High Definition Optics